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SK Heroes to play in Versasphere Invitational

By 'Jexia'
Oct 25, 2014 20:15

ImageSK Heroes will be featured in the upcoming Versasphere Invitational, with other invitees mYinsanity, Meet Your Makers, and El Nexo, and the winners of the Open Qualifier!

SK Heroes faces off with in the HPL!

By 'Jexia'
Oct 23, 2014 22:11

ImageSK Heroes faces off with in the Heroes Premiere League this Monday October 27th at 17:00 CEST/11:00 AM EDT!

2014 World Championship: The Final

By Alex 'Xceptional' Ferriday
Oct 21, 2014 20:44

ImageCheck out our analysis of the final match in the 2014 World Championship, as Samsung White and Star Horn Royal Club faced each other to decide who will be the Season 4 World Champion!

Kinguin with a surprise in store

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Oct 14, 2014 18:18

ImageThe busy crew of Kinguin is here in order to bring you the best of the best.

SK Heroes in the Heroes Premier League

By 'Jexia'
Oct 17, 2014 23:09

ImageThe Heroes Premier League returns this weekend with SK Heroes tied for 1st place with SK Heroes faces off with Vega Squad live this Monday, October 20 at 20:00 CEST/2:00 PM EDT!

SK SMITE in the Regional Wildcards

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Oct 16, 2014 17:45

ImageAfter finishing 5th in the European Smite Pro League, SK SMITE will take part in the Regional Wildcards this upcoming weekend.

2014 World Championship: Semi-finals Action

By Alex 'Xceptional' Ferriday
Oct 15, 2014 17:37

ImageCheck out our analysis of the semi-finals between the Samsung giants, White and Blue, and China's favorites OMG and Star Horn Royal Club!

2014 World Championship so far!

By Alex 'Xceptional' Ferriday
Oct 10, 2014 19:45

ImageCheck out our recap of the World Championship Group Stages with Best and Worst performances and Game by Game analysis of the Quarterfinals!

Last week of the Smite Pro League

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
Oct 9, 2014 15:27

ImageSK's SMITE team fights for a top 4 position in the last week of the European Smite Pro League.

DH Stockholm Invitational: Groups and schedule

By Evgeni 'Zinnoc' Chardakov
Sep 25, 2014 00:24

ImageDreamHack will host yet another event for this year in Stockholm, Sweden. The $30,000 CS:GO tournament kicks off tomorrow.

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