SK Enters 2022 with a New Rocket League Roster

Irena Pencheva  · 


Section Background

The end of 2021 saw us say goodbye to Yukeo, Tox, Eekso and coach Snaski - the roster that we re-entered Rocket League in the middle of last year together with.

Despite that, our commitment to the game remains unchanged and we are pleased to introduce our new team which will be competing under the SK banner for the rest of the RLCS 21-22 season.

SK Rocket League

Emil 'Fruity' Moselund - Twitter, Instagram

Thomas 'Ekon' Chenel - Twitter, Instagram, Twitch

Kérian 'Kérian' Candolfi - Twitter, Instagram, Twitch


The roster is newly formed, combining the veteran presense of Fruity and the rookie energy of Ekon and Kérian. They are making their debut in mere hours during the Open qualifier for the first Winter split European regional and we hope you show up to support them. You can follow their games all weekend long on Fruity's Twitch channel!

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