SK Brawl Stars Adds GuilleVGX and Ikaoss

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Remember the El Clasico of the European Brawl Stars esports scene from 2021? What happens when you combine the best players from both teams in one? In 2022, we are about to find out.

Please welcome GuilleVGX and Ikaoss to the SK Gaming Brawl Stars roster where they are teaming up with the familiar to any SK fan faces of Symantec, coach Pedro Guijarro and analyst Kiwii.

SK Brawl Stars

DE Bekri 'Symantec' Tahiri - Twitter, Instagram, Twitch

ES Guillem 'GuilleVGX' González - Twitter, Instagram, Twitch; YouTube

ES Ruben 'Ikaoss' Exposito - Twitter, Instagram, Twitch; YouTube

ES Pedro 'PedroGuijarro' Guijarro - Coach - Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch

ES Sergio 'Kiwii' Iglesias - Analyst - Twitter, Instagram, Twitch

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With an explosive lineup like this paired with the best coaching staff in European Brawl Stars, we are once again setting our sights on the World Championship cup. Follow us and the team along on this journey, it promises to be anything but an unexciting one.

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