The Revamped 2022 SK Prime Roster

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Before we wrap up 2021, we have one more important announcement to make! Today we're happy to introduce our revamped SK Prime roster which will compete in the DACH-based Prime League 2022.

SK Prime veteran Alois "Alois" Nelissen will be joined by 4 new players - a jungle-mid duo, Eckas and Dehaste, who are more on the rookie side of things and hungry to prove themselves in one of the major ERLs, and a very experienced bot lane in the face of ADC Gadget (former Worlds attending player with Unicorns of Love and Prime League 2021 Winter Cup winner with MOUZ) and support Mystiques, who has the LEC experience with EXCEL under his belt.

After barely missing out on EU Masters qualification last split, the team will continue to be lead by head coach Max "Raqo" Temminck.

SK Prime 2022 roster

NL Alois 'Alois' Nelissen - Top lane - Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Youtube

LT Edgaras 'Eckas' Strazdauskas - Jungle - Twitter

CR Sven 'Dehaste' Vidović - Mid lane - Twitter

BE Ilya 'Gadjet' Makavchuk - Bot lane - Twitter, Twitch, Instagram

PL Patryk 'Mystiq' Piórkowski - Support - Twitter, Twitch, Instagram

NL Max 'Raqo' Temminck - Head Coach - Twitter, Twitch, Instagram

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We expect great results from this new iteration of the SK Prime team and are looking forward to watching them compete in Prime League very soon! Please give them a warm welcome into the SK Family!

We are proud to work with amazing brands and people.