SK Gaming Expands Project Avarosa into Brawl Stars

Irena Pencheva  · 


Section Background

It's been less than a year since we started Project Avarosa - our contribution to leveling the playing field as much as possible and giving a diverse roster of people the chance to thrive in competitive League of Legends. We gave our best support to a number of players, many of whom left the program early this year but continued their competitive path in even more exciting ways, and above all, we learned a lot.

With that came the desire to expand the program and today we're extremely excited to say that Project Avarosa is looking to build its second team, this time in the mobile title Brawl Stars. We are now scouting women and non-binary players that are ready for their next step in competitive gaming. We will offer the best candidates training and support by professional coaches and analysts, and up to 5 offline bootcamps including travel, accommodation and catering. They will have full access to the existing SK infrastructure, as well as the opportunity to work with industry personalities and experts from different fields.

If you see yourself in this project or would just like to learn more about the requirements and what we offer, please visit the project's landing page at and don't hesitate to hit the Apply Now button!

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