SK Gaming brings you the footage from the Eredar Twins kill with three different point of views that gives a really good overview of the fight. Very stressful fight and it requires very nice execution from each and every member of the raid.

Ventrilo is included from about 6% to 0%, Nerdscreams! We actually had a neighbour to one of our officers come knocking on his door asking if he was ok :D.

The video is recorded as WMV in 1280x1024 resolution.

For this kill we have three different points of view:

Sbe - Restoration shaman
Zkygge - Combat rogue
Ekyo - Destruction Warlock

Credits :
Whole guild for putting the effort in.
Sbe for making the movie
Ork for making the intro
Music Makers
And to everyone I forgot...

Intro song: Tegma & Johan Ilves - Robot, Don´t Hurt me (Johan Ilves Robots Making Love Mix)

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