a nice video by a big fan of SK at ROTK in Wuhan.

Thx a lot for this :)


Min-Sik "reis" Ko

Check this out : DJ FRIZZO

NGL ONE Season one = reaching offline finals with NiP
2007_ 2008_
WC3L Season X = 3rd place with World Elite
NGL ONE Season 2 = Champion with World Elite
WC3L Season XI = Champion with World Elite
WC3L Season XII = Champion with SK-Gaming
NGL ONE Season 4 = 2nd Place with SK-Gaming
RoTK 2008 Wuhan = 2nd Place with SK-Gaming
WC3L Season XIII in ChangSha = 3rd Place with SK-Gaming
NGL ONE Season 5 = 2nd Place with SK-Gaming
WC3L Season XIV in Chengdu, China
Intel Extreme Masters Hannover
Blizzcon Anaheim, USA
IEST Suwon, South Korea
WCG Chengdu, China
IEM Beijing, China
IEM - Taipei, Tailand
IEM - Hannover, Germany
ESWC - Paris, France
Gamescom IEM - Cologne, Germany
Asus Open Summer Cup - Kiev, Ukraine
IFA,SEC - Berlin, Germany
GSL2/3 - Seoul, Korea
WEM - Hangzhou, China
DH Winter - Jankoping, Sweden
Assembly Winter - Helsinki, Finland
GSL - Seoul, Korea
IEM Cebit - Hanover, Cebit
The UGC - Milano/Vendig, Italy
Copenhagen Games - Copenhagen, Denmark
Saturn, Alexander Platz - Berlin, Germany
Toshiba, Qosmio Launch - Warsaw, Poland
Dreamhack Summer - Joenkoeping, Sweden
Homestory Cup 3 - Krefeld, Germany
ICSC8 - Kiev, Ukraine
Showmatch - Warsaw, Poland
Gamegune 2011 - Bilbao, Spain
Assembly Summer 2011 - Helsinkii, Finland
GTV Battlefield Online - Beijing, China
Gamescom 2011 - Cologne, Germany
MLG Raleigh - Raleigh, NC USA
CoD XP - Los Angeles, CA USA
oGs House - Seoul, Korea
IEM China - Guangzhou, China
IEM USA - New York, USA
ESWC 2011 - Paris, France
MLG Providence - Providence, USA
Dreamhack Winter - Joenkoeping, Sweden
WCG Korea - Pusan, South Korea
Homestory Cup 4 - Krefeld, Germany
IEM Brazil Sao Paolo
GSL - Seoul, Korea
MLG Arena - New York, USA
IEM Cebit - Hannover, Germany
IPL4 - Las Vegas, USA
Dreamhack Summer - Joenkopeing, Sweden
MLG Summer - Anaheim, USA
IEM Gamescom - Cologne, Germany
Campus Party - Berlin, Germany
GSL Finals - Pusan, South Korea
Korea own3D - Seoul, Korea
WCS2 Finals - Los Angeles, USA
MLG Dallas - Dallas, USA
Tales of the Lane - Paris, France
IEM Singapore - Singapore
Numericable Cup - Marseille, France
HomestoryCup VI - Germany
IEM Katowice - Poland
IronSquid 2 - Paris, France
Dreamhack Open - Stockholm, Sweden

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