Champions Trophy November


Maps, rounds and schedule
Round 1 - 19.00/19.30 CET - Lost World
Round 2 - 20.00/20.30 CET - Hektik
Round 3 - 21.00/21.30 CET - Toxicity - Quater final
Round 4 - 22.00/22.30 CET - Aerowalk - Semi final
Round 5 - 23.00 CET - Furious Heights - Grand final

Map pool
Aerowalk, Furious Heights, Hektik, Lost World, Toxicity

For coverage purpose the rounds won't start earlier than the given time. Matches from the upper half of the bracket will start at 19.00 CET, matches at the lower half start at 19.30 CET.

The official IRC channel for the tournament is #sk.ql-championstrophy (Quakenet).

Players have to be available in the official IRC channel for pre-match statements and interviews.

All matches have to be played on a private premium server. If your Quake Live account is not capable of spawning a server please contact an admin in the IRC channel.

Matches are played in Best-of Three Loser's choice mode. Only the grand final will be Best-of five.

Be fair to your opponent, coverage partner and admins. Things not set in the rules will be decided by an admin. Record your demos and send replay to an operator in the official IRC channel if there are any issues.

Attending players


SK Gaming