Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4
Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4

2008-02-29 - 2008-03-02

The fourth installment of Crossfire challenges takes place in the city of Enschede in Netherlands with a 6500 euro prizemoney. The three other games at the event are Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Warsow.

40 teams will be participating the Call of Duty 4 tournament and they have been split into eight groups with five teams in each. During the first phase, the group stage, the matches will be played as max rounds set to 10 (mr10) playing only one map. In knockout stage the teams are playing on mr12 in best-of-three matches where they are able to pick maps from the map pool, however they are not allowed to use the same maps two times in a row.

Map pool used in the tournament:

- mp_crossfire
- mp_crash
- mp_vacant
- mp_citystreets
- mp_strike
- mp_backlot

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