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Cooperation between Ninjapull and SK Gaming


Today we are very happy to announce some awesome news: SK Gaming will cooperate with Ninjapull, partnersite of Gaming Insight. Click on German version for the full story. Ninjapull is a partner site of Gaming Insight and focuses on World of Warcraft in depth. You can enjoy PvE and PvP live streams very frequently and get inspired by very detailed class and instance guides. There have been and will be several live events where you are able to watch the Ninjapull teams and players play and ask all your questions. We are really looking forward to supporting them in future. The content will me mainly in German and we are working on this to be delivered in English as well.


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Length: 00:16:39

By: Lamperouqe
Views: 1,801
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Length: 00:10:58

By: Lamperouqe
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Length: 00:10:34

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Length: 00:06:23

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