the outcome! and.. the eating part


only add me if ive met you or talk to me regularly...
i have a lot of pending requests and i dont look through them... dont get butthurt!

ESWC2010 after party round 1/13 ;)
this is pretty much how my night went........ =)

i'd rather fuck with the truth,
than make love to a lie.

sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow, we must fail in order to know


• Who doesnt like to travel or go to lans or see my girls?? ;)
US Haywire tournament 2004 - Buffalo Grove, IL (Wasabi)
US Xactek tournament 2005 - Schaumburg, IL (Wasabi)
US X3O winter 2006 - Rockville, MD (Womens Rights LOL!)
US Lan 2007 - Anaheim, CA (SK Ladies)
US Ctrl+Alt+Del Lan 2007 - Chicago, IL (Womens Rights LOL!)
US X3O dust off 2007 - Rockville, MD (Womens Rights LOL!)
US X3O winter 2007 - Rockville, MD (TFM)
FR Blizzard WWI Event 2008
DE SK Office Bootcamp 2008
FR ESWC Masters 2008 - Paris, France (2nd)
US ESWC 2008 Grand Finals - San Jose, CA (1st)
MX Gamegune 2009 - Mexico City, Mexico (5th-6th)
UA Arbalet Female Cup 2010 - Kiev, Ukraine (1st)
US Bootcamp @ POTTERHOUSE - Dallas, TX
FR ESWC Finals 2010 - (1st)
US DMZ 2010 - Schaumburg, IL (epod)

FR ESWC Finals 2011 - (TBA!!!!)

i miss my ladies already.

SK Gaming