Damn it Tobi... couldn't you have recorded a round where we won???

For those who are wondering, the guy to the left of Jso is our coach, Kevin, who some may know as "aZn" from some known North American teams. He's pretty old school; been playing for years and has literally been of great help to our team for the last 3 years. Definitely owe a big part of our success to him.

Everyone on the team talks too much when they're not supposed to and talks too little when they are. Constant swearing and yelling is normal... don't worry, we're not mad at each other! Often you'll see me gather myself and just yell out like that.

We had just ordered deep dish pizzas so that is why we have so many empty paper plates lying around. We're usually not slobbish! Chicago is supposedly known for their pizzas so we had to try it. Personally, I wasn't that impressed and ended up giving Benita my slice anyways. Earlier that day for lunch, we went to some Asian restaurant and Benita didn't touch her food at all because she didn't like it. I felt a little bad so I just gave her my slice of pizza.

We've been working on sharing the bomb instead of having a designated bomb bitch. As you can see, sometimes people forget to take the bomb with them so its often we'll have to yell out and remind them. :)

This video concludes my trip to Chicago. Make sure to check out Lidy and Jenny's profiles to see more! Lidy uploaded a good one where we cramped 7 people in Jenny's car.... that was insane.

Can't wait until I see my girls again! Hopefully we will have a chance to bootcamp again at the Steel office sometime soon in the future.



  • 1st @ numerous local LANS

  • 1st @ XPL season 1 female division (GX3)

  • 1st @ 1337gurL online invitational (GX3)

  • 1st @ web2zone, NEW YORK *MVP! 2005 (GX3)

  • 5th @ ESWC, PARIS 2004 (GX3)

  • 5th @ CPL SPAIN 2005 (GX3)

  • 1st @ ESWC, PARIS 2005 (GX3)

  • 17-24 @ winter CPL, DALLAS 2005 (mugNmouse)

  • 4th @ ESWC, PARIS 2006 (SK)

  • nominated FEMALE PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2004, 2005

  • 1st @ ESWC, PARIS 2007 (SK)

  • 2nd @ ESWC MASTERS, PARIS 2008 (SK)

  • 1st @ ESWC, SAN JOSE 2008 (SK)

  • 5th/6th @ GAMEGUNE, MEXICO 2009 (SK)


  • 1st @ ESWC, PARIS 2010 (SK)

  • clean slate.


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