Kyobashi Attack - 2.08,98 (3 laps, Audi S3 NOS on)


Former Need for Speed series "professional" player. Current editor in chief team for Frag eXecutors.

Need for Speed series achievements:
- 1st Need for Speed Polish Championship (NFS: Shift)
- 4th Electronic Sports World Cup Grand Finals (NFS: Shift)
- 1st ESWC Poland (NFS: Shift)
- 3rd EA Masters Season #8 Finals (NFS: Shift)
- 1st NFS: Shift Polish Cup (NFS: Shift)
- 2nd Mocne Uderzenie Cybersport (NFS: Shift)
- 4th Cybersport League 2009 (NFS: Undercover)
- 3rd Heyah Logitech Cybersport 2008 (NFS: ProStreet)
- 5/6 WCG Poland 2008 (NFS: ProStreet)
- 2nd NFS Polish Cup (NFS: ProStreet)
- 1st Heyah Logitech Cybercup 2008 (NFS: ProStreet)
- 3rd NFS Polish Championship 2008 (NFS: ProStreet)
- 1st Poznan Game Arena Open (NFS: ProStreet)
- 5/6 Heyah Logitech Cybersport 2007 (NFS: Carbon)
- top16 ClanBase SummerCup 2007 (NFS: Carbon)
- 3rd WCG Poland 2007 (NFS: Carbon)
- 2nd NFS Polish Championship 2007 (NFS: Carbon)
- 2nd Heyah Cybercup 2007 (NFS: Carbon)
- 2nd ClanBase OpenCup 2nd div. 2007 (NFS: Carbon)
- 3rd ESWC Poland 2007 (NFS: Carbon)
- 2nd JustPlay Premiership by (NFS: Carbon)
- 5th Heyah Cybercup 2006 (NFS: Carbon)
- 5th Poznan Game Arena 2006 (NFS: Carbon)
- 5/6 WCG Poland 2006 (NFS: Most Wanted)
- 1st WCG Poland 2006 Press Tournament (NFS: Most Wanted)

Need for Speed team history:
- PGS Gaming / D-Link PGS
- Team Delta
- Too Fast Clan
- High Scores Racers

Voted the best Polish NFS newcomer @ 2006. Nominated in CyberAces 2007 in both Need for Speed Player of The Year and Journalist of the Year.
Also, a former journalist for PGS Gaming.

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