a new movie i just made for my Call of Duty MW3 Team
Unlimited perfection


Config Update: 26.06.2013

Played since 28.08.2002


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Skodje-LAN 2010 4th place (w/ Necron, Swift, Fluza, Bio)
Vatne-LAN 2010 3rd place(w/ Necron, Swift, Fluza, Steakarn)
E-LAN 2011 3rd place (w/ Swift, Dope, Zelitc, Bio)
Vatne-LAN 2011 3rd place (w/ Necron, Swift, Fluza, Steakarn
Skodje-LAN 2011 3rd place (w/ necron, cern, kviii, gvik)
Skodje-LAN 2011 3rd place (w/necron, cern, swift, fluza)
Vatnelan 2011 COD Tournament 1st place (w/Nicho, Galen, Vzn) 2500NOK
Vatnelan 2011 Minecraft Tournament 1st place (w/Nicko) 1000NOK
Vatnelan 2012 League of Legends Tournament 2nd place (w/Nicko, Alek, Vegard, Simen) price: 2500NOK

total > 6000NOK

Size: Auto-Small
reselution: 640x
cl_dynamiccrosshair 0/1
crosshair color: 50 250 50 (green)

mouse: logitech mx518
screen: Samsung syncmaster 977mb
keyboard: microsoft random

I remember one time I said hi to a GM and he brutally murdered my entire family, then raped my dog and put me on the spanish donkey. He then castrated me and flogged me publicly while two other GMs robbed a bank and mercilessly eviscerated four old women. It was probably necessary, because´╗┐ the man was in a bad mood after he lost at a game of checkers.

World of Warcraft:
Level 85 Druid >going lvl90
Level 85 Priest >going lvl90
Level 85 Mage >going lvl90
Level 85 Warlock >going lvl90
Level 85 Paladin >going lvl90
Level 85 Death knight >going lvl90
Level 85 Rogue >going lvl90


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