Ok, here is some old & new frags! One or two was supposed to be in my frag movie.. but I changed my mind or something! KAB0M - Hyperdrive will be realsed in 1 or 2 weeks for those who are interested! I know have zero space left on my computer so I will make a new video with the rest of my old frags later.

vs. klantbh (beko insk lindwe schneider SPEC7OR)
vs. boomchakalack (wenton zneel qp threat amoz)
vs. AWTR (Rogga keiz fr9stnova olofmeister KazieN)
vs. teamrosa (Poony zykk jimp Nippo kNuJ)
vs. RedNation (DomiNate MaLaria senze mysen eden)
vs. smilE (steem assign mystic blomgren SoMe1)
vs. diagnos (wizox eden marvel pop godlike)
vs. ubat (Eye fallos KalKon Calippo Matthew)
vs. decerto (samzter maektig heax wizox PR9DAN)
vs. Mighty (blomgren assign pheting ReapeR beam)
vs. n0ll-k0ll (sp1k frys election TYRANN JohnnyJ)
vs. The Gunners (myran ebot zoNti muffz AINAA)
vs. toppform (kinn Gussy fecce JOEY NichoKAK)
vs. fugees (spowe vuggo hoddi pretorian PR9DAN)
vs. 046 (fejtan vegas BARBARR xim0 rocketboy)
vs. Purification (Landberg solen Headex besk zeeker)


KAB0M - Hyperdrive by Dunder

Fragbite thread

Ingame Settings

• Resolution: 640x480
• Crosshairsize: Small
• Crosshaircolor: Red
• MonitorHz: 100
• MouseHz: 1000
• Sensitivity: 1.3
• Winsensitivity: 6/11
• Launchoptions: -32bpp -freq 100
noforcemaccel noforcemparms noforcemspd

Gaming Gear

• Monitor: Samsung 2233rz
• Mouse: Zowie EC1
• Headset: SteelSeries Siberia
• Mousepad: SteelSeries Qck Heavy
• Keyboard: Logitech G11

Last config update 03/31-2011


SK Gaming