Last moments of Na'Vi before IEM 2011 victory





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ARArgentina, te amo, te sigo hasta abajo de la tierra!

My Actual Settings:

• sentisitve: 2.65
• gamma: 2
• brightness: 3
• resolution: 640x480
• crosshair color: green
• crosshair size: medium
• crosshair translucent: On
• windows sensitivity: default
• mouse fix: default
• radar: translucent
• vsync: off
• icon: -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -32bpp -freq 75

My Ex-Teamplay:

• iGam (kito, mike, ra, milo, & me)
fM (billabong, andro, kaven, foxconn & me)
st'storm (andro, kaven, koby, stress & me)
RiP (tony, darwin, bl4ck, koby & me)
uFAR (foxconn, kaven, tony, brujitah & me)
5sguys (depressive, mYau, koby, foxconn & me)
favar (billabong, andro, kaven, darwin & me)
inFected? (mYau, N~t m`n00b, Depressive, BillaboNg & me)
MetaCafe (BestieN, nokiki, raTiTa, aux & me)

Current Team:

3D (BestieN, wilu, MichaeLj, koby & me)

Other Webs:

US Evil Genuises
EU GotFrag
AR Clan CO
PL Fear Factory
SE Lions swe
DE Mousesports
EU Own3d TV
AR Friki
EU GamerConfig
FR electronic Sahara
AR Taringa! CS
AR dGamers

Bets Credits

• 2011 - October - 19610.00 - Rank 6 [check]
• 2011 - Global - 17144.00 - Rank 28 [check]

My Personal Articles & Blogs:

Kevin 'kosmokrator' Black-Krator - CS 1.6 Background
Kevin 'kosmokrator' Black-Krator GUI v2 2011

My Music:

Avicii - Levels (HD)
Avicii - Penguin (Original mix)


TeamViewer 6.0.10722
SpawN Living Legend Models - Run 100% [ORIGINAL FILE]
HLTag Converter - The best program for creating a Spray
SK Gaming GUI 2011 ¡NEW!
Original MODELS folder - solving important problems
de_hell - map download - the new map for a tournament
Official Maps of CS 1.6
The Best Songs For You CS 1.6 Movie Frags
SK.Delpan at e-Stars Seoul 2011 [720p] [HQ & HD]

Matches Forum's:

[date: Jul 11, 2011 18:39] AR kosmokrator vs SE SpawN
[date: Jul 12, 2011 15:29] AR kosmokrator vs SE GeT_RiGhT
[date: Jul 13, 2011 22:16] AR kosmokrator vs AR eMMede
[date: Jul 14, 2011 17:49] AR kosmokrator vs SE MODDII
[date: Jul 14, 2011 18:56] AR kosmokrator vs SE kHRYSTAL
[date: Jul 15, 2011 02:26] AR kosmokrator vs PL neo
[date: Jul 16, 2011 02:27] AR kosmokrator vs UA markeloff
[date: Jul 17, 2011 19:15] AR kosmokrator vs FR mSx
[date: Jul 18, 2011 21:47] AR kosmokrator vs SE f0rest
[date: Jul 19, 2011 18:42] AR kosmokrator vs FI lurppis
[date: Jul 24, 2011 19:46] AR kosmokrator vs AR BestieN
[date: Jul 25, 2011 23:28] AR kosmokrator vs AR frozah
[date: Jul 27, 2011 23:47] AR kosmokrator vs UA starix
[date: Aug 3, 2011 01:26] AR kosmokrator vs SE Delpan

My Videos:

[POV] SpawN Action in CPL Winter 2005 by kosmokrator
Sony Playstation Startup Boot【HQ】
SK vs NiP CPL Winter 2005 Spawn Ninja Defuse
1vs5 mousesports cash vs
Edward vs 5
Edward ACE
starix vs ESC Gaming @ GameGune 2011
markeloff vs k1ck @ GameGune 2011
Na`Vi vs pa1n winning round @ GameGune 2011
flashed markeloff beating three opponents
World's best Gamers meet in Season 2011/12
Last moments of Na'Vi before IEM 2011 victory
SK.GeT_RiGhT -3 Na´Vi and Defuse[MUST SEE]
e-Stars Seoul 2011 SK.face -4 vs Lunatic-hai
e-Stars Seoul 2011 SK.f0rest vs fnatic
e-Stars Seoul 2011 Nevan vs Lunatic-hai
e-Stars Seoul 2011 Zonic and Trace. Teamplay.
e-Stars Seoul 2011 Pita and Carn. Teamplay
e-Stars Seoul 2011 mTw playing against mousesports
e-Stars Seoul 2011 zonic vs mousesports
e-Stars Seoul 2011 project_kr : enemy vs
e-Stars Seoul 2011 GeT_RiGhT vs mTw
e-Stars Seoul 2011 karrigan vs Na'V
e-Stars Seoul 2011 Evant VS TyLoo
e-Stars Seoul 2011 Edward vs SK
e-Stars Seoul 2011 Kandinsky VS fnatic
e-Stars Seoul 2011 Counter-Strike MSi Beat it


SE SK.Delpan vs ES club bathory
SE SK ICSC8 group stage HLTV pack
GameGune 2011 UA Na`Vi markeloff vs ES talikemix [POV]
GameGune 2011 SE SK f0rest vs ES club bathory [POV]
Demo: SE SK Gaming vs RU Moscow Five [Best Of 3]
SE NiP vs SE SK.swe - The Best Match in the History
UA markeloff AWP train CSDM
SE SK Gaming vs SE ESC Gaming

My Galeries:

GameGune 2011 - Sunday by kosmokrator
CYX - Live Forever
Natus Vincere at DE:CODED’2011
a day with Team Na`Vi - by
Team Na Vi by kosmokrator
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My Forum's:

best country for play CS?
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