Hi everyone,

As you maybe know, I left the SK's structure since 1 month, and I'm just back to offer for all of you the first and the second recap-day of Dreamhack Summer 2011 under SK's flag.

I made all of this in few hours, I hope I didn't miss some huge actions. Watch bit, bt0, CosMo, dennis, Diodel, Dosia, dsn, ed1k, f0rest, Fox, friis, FYRR73, GuX, kalle, Maluk3c, markeloff, moddii, niko, RobbaN, ROMJkE and Xizt in a 5minutes movie.

Song: Southpaw Swagger - Back up

See you tomorrow for the second movie starring some other actions.

ALSO, you can watch all of them actions ONE by ONE on the Moviemaking.fr's second Youtube account with the Dreamhack Summer 2011's playlist I've done: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PLC93BFC5DED05896F

About the download link, I'll upload it later somewhere on the internet.


SK Gaming