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So, 4 years after Under French Lines 3 - Supercharger, 3 years of production, 4 hard drives, 4 Vegas versions and 2 countries (he lives now in Canada), sinsuuu is glad to present you Under French Lines 4.

He realized the trailer in 2009 and planned the whole movie for 2010, or he didn't have the time to end it until now. Lot of people appreciated it and were waiting for the whole movie.

Watch mSx, Blqcko, MaT, SAP, AXION, YiikoN, SIXER, k3n, rivage, JED, YanK, GENO, CosMo, RevZ, MaYeRs, Falco, YorliN, nota, ioReK, Rigo, Vins, MystiQ, zboub, atLaNtis, mshz, XP3, P0my, blacknight, MoMaN, Karden, Ozstriker, SHq, dim2K, JES, B0b, loduN, OliGan, RON, MAJ3R, HaRtS, faculty and drizzer in a 11m37s amazing movie.

Feel free to comment and give your opinion, sinsuuu will appreciate it!

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