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…/==o ____________________
…..),—.(_(__) /
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../`—-’ / …
./____ / … .


CEO : Aleksander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy

Counter-Strike Lineup :

- Ioann " Edward " Sukharev
- Daniil " Zeus " Teslenko
- Sergey " starix " Ischuk
- Arseniy " ceh9 " Trynozhenko
- Yegor " markeloff " Markelov
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UA Natus Vincere UA

Team Natus Vincere (lat. – born for victory) was created in December 2009, but have already proved its worth in eSports! The team which was formed from two top-tier Ukrainian teams HR and KerchNET managed to tubmle over itself. In three months the team adds a gold medal at Intel Extreme Masters IV in Hannover. The months later team gets another gold medal set at Electronic Sport World Cup in France. Autumn was a pure revelation for Na`Vi as the team managed to win the third set of gold medals and became a winner of World Cyber Games 2010. At the end of 2010 Natus Vincere becomes multigaming organization and adds DotA squad. In February 2011 FIFA division was added to the team and SC2 team is still expected.

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UA Counter-Strike Achievements UA

UA 1st place - Arbalet Asia Ukraine Qual
KZ 1st place - Arbalet Asia Final (Almathy)
DE 1st place - IEM Global Final
UA 1st place - Arbalet Ukraine
UA 1st place - Arbalet Best of Four
RU 4th place - Arbalet CIS
SE 2nd place - Arbalet Cup Europe
UA 1st place - ESWC Qual
UA 1st place - CGL Final
SE 5-8th place - Dreamhack Summer 2010
FR 1st place - ESWC 2010
US 1st place- Arbalet Cup Dallas
ES 3rd place - GameGune 2010
CN 3rd place - Global Challenge Shanghai
UA 1st place - WCG 2010 UA Finals
DE 2nd place - ENC Finals
UA 3rd place - ASUS Summer Cup 2010
US 1st place - World Cyber Games 2010 GF
CN 4th place - WEM 2010
SE 1st place - DreamHack Winter 2010
DE 1st place - Intel Extreme Masters 5

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