A Fragmovie from the mTw.dk player zonic.


Kode5 CS Referee
ESWC Germany CS Referee
Dragon Force Cup Referee
GameSports CS Head-Referee

CS 1.6
1. Platz Gamers Night 5on5 Cup #1 (1000 Slot TS² Server)
1. Platz Friday Night 5on5 Cup #4 (3 Monate Gameserver)
1. Platz Showmatch bei QJUH #1 (Live Video Cast)
3. Platz e-Challenge 2on2 Cup (Je 500g Schokolade)
3. Platz e-Challenge 1on1 Aim Cup
3. Platz CS Nightcup 166 - 1on1+1on1 MR9
6. Platz CS Funmap 3on3 Ladder
6. Platz CS Nightcup 162 - 2on2
6. Platz CS FunNight#2 - 2on2 Handgun
6. Platz CS 5on5 MR12 Ladder
9. Platz CS WCG'09 Online Quali
11. Platz CS Cups Snipercup 2009
21. Platz CS 5on5 Spring League
22. Platz CS 3on3 Spring League
25. Platz CS 1on1 Spring League
37. Platz CS Funmap 3on3+ Ladder
48. Platz CS 2on2 Pistols Only Ladder
59. Platz CS 5on5 MR15 INT Ladder
63. Platz CS Funmap 2on2 Sniper Ladder
66. Platz CS KotH Season #5

Other Games
3. Platz CS:CZ MR15 5on5 Ladder
3. Platz UT3 Instagib 1on1 Ladder
8-16. Platz ICQ Poker 1on1 ESOP Cup #2
11. Platz Bomberman 1on1 Opening Cup
44. Platz Poker 3on3 PokerTH Heads-Up Ladder
98. Platz ICQ Poker 1on1 Ladder


CS 1.6
Nickname: he4vy
Resolution: 640*480
Sensitivity: 2.0/1000dpi
Crosshairsize: Large
Crosshaircolor: White/Green
Favorite Weapons: AK47, Deagle

CS Source
Nickname: he4vy
Resolution: 1024*768
Sensitivity: 3.0/1000dpi
Crosshairsize: Large
Crosshaircolor: White/Green
Favorite Weapons: M4A1, USP/Deagle


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