"max_shells" -
Sets the maximum amount of shells which may be rendered. By using a low number (100 or less) you can improve performance in certain situations, e.g. Fights with rapid fire weapons. Using a higher number (150 or more) will appear more realistic (battles with tend to leave a lot of gun casings on the terrain), although can lower performance.

Default: 120
Min: 0
Max: 500

"max_smokepuffs" - Sets the maximum number of 'balloons' that appear when blows balls.

"fastsprites" - Change the quality of the smoke grenades. Setting it to 1 for graphics acceleration, with a translucent Smoke.

"fps_max" - Maximum number of frames per second. The lower setting reduces the CPU load.

"mp_decals" - Maximum number of displayed logos, holes of bullets. Causes the apparent acceleration of the game.

"cl_weather" - 0 turns off weather effects (such as rain on aztek).

"cl_himodels" - higher quality player models - 1 more - 0 lower.

"cl_shadows" - off/on shadows under the models of the players.

"cl_minmodels" - 1 load and show the game only 4 models of the form instead of 10, so you are spared FPS.

"hpk_maxsize" - Amount of memory space, which takes the file custom.hpk. It is not worth nearly useless clutter RAM file.

WCG 2009 rules

Game Version: Counter-Strike (Steam Version)
* Operation System: Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 3)
* Monitor: 22” Wide LCD (Model Name: SyncMaster 2233RZ)
* WCG recommends players to bring their own mice, keyboards, headphones, and any other peripherals to simulate their own best playing environment.
* WCG will provide mice, keyboards, or headphones with at least 30 minutes notice. No mouse pads will be available, so please bring your own.
* WCG will not be responsible for performance issues related to peripherals.
* ESRB Rating: Mature (Age 17+)
- Anyone born after Nov.12th, 1992 will not be allowed entry to the GF
* General
- Competition Method : 5 vs. 5 (Team Play, 5 players per team)
- The Server Master will record a demo of the match.
- Up to two member substitutions are allowed until Oct. 30th, 2009. In case of substitution, the SP or the team must notify the WCG with of the reason for the substitution and the profile of the new member. If the WCG is not notified of the substitution in advance, the substitution will not be allowed and the team will be immediately disqualified.
- After Oct. 30th 2009 if a substitution is deemed necessary due to uncontrollable circumstances (provable natural disaster, accident, etc), the substitution will be allowed. However, if the reason for substitution is found to be falsified or the reason is not justifiable, the substitution will not be allowed and the team will be immediately disqualified.
- WCG may install third party program and/or join as an observer for tournament operations purposes, such as verifying match results or gathering match data.
-“Counter-Strike” tournament shall consist of two parts: 1) First phase: league system (Round Robin - 1 match against each opponent in his group); 2) Second phase: knock-out system (best 2 out of 3 matches).
* First Phase
- A Group Draw, held on Oct. 14th, 2009 shall determine the composition of each group.
- The Map rotation will be announced on Oct. 21st 2009 via the WCG website.
- The Counter-Strike team playing as the Terrorist side will be decided by coin toss before the match.
- The first phase is Round Robin. Each team plays one match against each of the other teams in the same group. Winning teams receive three points for a win and losing teams receive zero.
- The ranking for first phase is decided by the total number of points acquired during group matches.
- The two teams coming first and second in each group qualify for the second phase
- In the case of 2 teams having the same number of points, the following rules will be applied in order listed:
a) Head To Head (The winner of the match between the two players advances)
b) Number of in-game rounds won during group matches
c) Rematch (The map will be drawn.)
d) If both of the teams do not qualify to advance to the next phase, they are deemed tied with same ranking.
- In case of 3 or more teams having the same number of points, the following rules will be applied in order listed:
a) Head To Head (The winner of the matches between the affected teams)
b) Number of in-game rounds won during group matches between the affected teams.
c) Number of in-game rounds won during group matches
d) Rematch (The map will be drawn.).
e) If all of the teams do not qualify to advance to the next phase, they are deemed tied with same ranking.
* Second Phase
- The Second Phase of the tournament shall consist of a single elimination tournament. The first team to win two out of three games wins the match.
- The Counter-Strike team playing as the Terrorist side will be decided by coin toss before the match.
- The map selection will utilize the „Thumbs Down (Map Veto)‟ method:
a) Each player removes one map from the map pool by privately notifying the referee.
b) The referee notifies both players, which maps were removed.
c) The referee randomly draws the order of the maps from the remaining pool.
d) If both players decided to thumb down the same map, that map will be removed for the order drawing.
* Stage Match
- WCG may designate certain matches as Stage Match, which must be played on the stage. Refusal to play on the stage may result in a loss by forfeit decision..
- WCG may request change of monitor aspect ratio or resolution for broadcasting purposes.
- Any players playing on the stage must wear their nation’s uniform or the stage match uniform provided by WCG. Refusal to wear the stage match uniform may result in a loss by forfeit decision.
* General Game Setting
- Rounds: 30 Rounds (Max rounds format): 15 rounds as Terrorists and 15 rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team (If a team scores 16 rounds first, the match is ended immediately.)
- Victory Condition: The first team to win 16 rounds.
- Round Time: 1 minute 45 seconds.
- The team playing as the Terrorist side first will be announced before the match or decided by coin toss.
- In the case of a tie after the regulation rounds end, 6 extra rounds will be played.
- (3 rounds as Terrorists / 3 rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team)
- Extra Round restart money: $10,000
- In the case of yet another tie after the 6 extra rounds, as stated above, 6 additional extra rounds will be played until the tie is broken.
- Official Maps: De_Dust2, De_Inferno, De_Nuke, De_Train, De_tuscan
(* Each map may be modified by the WCG committee. Players will be informed before the tournament of any such modifications)
- Only team leaders are allowed to use public in-game messages (messagemode1) within a match. The rule also applies when dead. Use of messagemode1 by any member other than the team leader shall result in a warning. Other team members
must only use team message (messagemode2), while in a match.
- Coach can coach the players from behind the team during freeze time. If Coach continues to talk to the players after the freeze time has ended, the team will be given a warning or lose by forfeit at the sole discretion of the referee.
- Coach must go outside the tournament area if Referee asks him/her to leave.
- The Server Master will be record the process of the match.
- Approved Grenade Amounts Per Round
a) Flashbangs: 2
b) Grenades: 1
c) Smoke Grenades: 1
- Approved Commands
a) Adjust_crosshair
b) Left Hand
c) A user can use Activate In-Game-VGUI Command
- Default skins must be used.
- Any other use of map or program bugs can result in a warning at the minimum or loss by default for the offending team after deliberation and decision by the board of referees at its sole discretion.
- The gamma rate can be changed in the video graphic driver.

** Tournament Server Settings

mp_autokick 0
mp_autocrosshair 0
mp_autoteambalance 0
mp_buytime 0.25
mp_consistency 1
mp_c4timer 35
mp_fadetoblack 1
mp_flashlight 1
mp_forcechasecam 2
mp_forcecamera 2
mp_footsteps 1
mp_freezetime 15
mp_friendlyfire 1
mp_hostagepenalty 0
mp_limitteams 10
mp_logecho 1
mp_logdetail 3
mp_logfile 1
mp_logmessages 1
mp_maxrounds 0
mp_playerid 1
mp_roundtime 1.75
mp_timelimit 0
mp_tkpunish 0
sv_aim 0
sv_airaccelerate 10
sv_airmove 1
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0
sv_alltalk 0
sv_cheats 0
sv_clienttrace 1
sv_clipmode 0
sv_friction 4
sv_gravity 800
sv_lan_rate 25000
sv_maxrate 25000
sv_maxspeed 320
sv_maxunlag 0.5
sv_maxupdaterate 101
sv_minupdaterate 101
sv_minrate 25000
sv_proxies 1
sv_send_logos 1
sv_send_resources 1
sv_stepsize 18
sv_stopspeed 75
sv_unlag 1
sv_voiceenable 1
sv_unlagsamples 1
sv_unlagpush 0
sys_ticrate 10000
allow_spectators 1
decalfrequency 60
edgefriction 2
host_framerate 0
log on pausable 0

** Allowed Setting Values for Client

cl_updaterate 101
cl_cmdrate 101
rate 25000
m_filter 1/0
hud_fastswitch 1/0
fps_max 101
cl_dynamiccrosshair 1/0
gamma 1/3
brightness 1/3
cl_minmodels 1/0
cl_shadows 1/0
Players Must be use WCG2009 CS GUI

** Following Client Settings May Not Be Changed (Must use the default values)

ex_interp 0.01 for LAN (0.1 for Online)

* Unfair Practices Subject to Penalty
- The following is a list rules and unfair practices. Any player or team caught breaking a rule or performing an infraction will be subject to either a warning, at the minimum, or a forfeit loss, at the discretion of the referee:
- Coaches may ONLY talk during the freeze time of the round.
- When a player has died, he may communicate verbally with other players, but he must remove his hands from his keyboard and mouse until the beginning of the next round. A player is deemed dead when the screen is completely faded to black.
If a bug occurs and the screen doesn‟t fade to black, the player is deemed dead three seconds after he/she has fallen.
- If a player touches his mouse or keyboard while dead, the team will be subject to either a warning, at the minimum, or a forfeit loss, at the discretion of the referee.
- Boosting (stepping on top of own team player) is permitted.
- Binding Duck to scroll wheel is NOT permitted.
- C4 must be planted at a viewable location. Planting C4 at a location where a boost is required is permitted.
- When defusing, the player must be able to see a part of the bomb. Defusing through objects is not permitted.
- Silent C4 installation is considered illegal. This offense may result in a warning or loss of all remaining TR rounds at the sole discretion of the board of referees.
- Throwing grenades over buildings on every maps is permitted.
- Any use of the flash bang bug will result in a -3 round score for the offending team. If the use of the bug is decided as unintentional, the game continues as normal. If the use of the bug is decided as intentional, the offending team will be a given a warning at the minimum or loss by default. Any flash bang disputes must be reported to a referee when they happen. The dispute will be reviewed after all the rounds of that half are completed.
- Use of personal model/skins (includes weapon skins) is NOT permitted.
- Use of personal map texture is NOT permitted.
- All 3rd party programs are NOT permitted unless stated otherwise.
- Ventrilo is permitted. (In case of Stage match will be decided by Referee)
- Use of map bugs in play (e.g. map swimming, auto aim, etc.) is NOT permitted.
- The use of „SKY Box‟ will result in a loss by default for the offending team.
- The restricted areas for each map will be announced at a later date.
- Use of unfair but available scripts (e.g. silentrun, attack+use, centerview script, norecoil script, etc.)
- The server master can and will check for the use of any unfair practice or script, even those not listed above, during each match.
- If the eferee decides that external conditions (Press, Team Leader, Player, Spectator, etc) give unfair advantage to a player, the team may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee‟s sole discretion.
- HLTV Proxy will join the game servers for Tournament Broadcast.

* If disconnection occurs during a match
- If all the players cannot play due to an unintended, unforeseen accident such as server stoppage,
-- Before the 3rd round starts: restart the match
-- After the 3rd round starts: Disconnected player must re-connect to the server. The round is continued by unpausing, and if the disconnected player cannot connect to the server, all players must wait during the freeze time after the round until the disconnected player connects to the server. At this time, the match may continue by unpausing. (Not a restart)
- If up to 3 players are unintentionally disconnected the score for that round is discarded. The game is paused after the round during the freeze time, and all players wait until the disconnected players are connected to the server. When all players are reconnected, the match may continue by unpausing the game.
- In the case of intentional disconnection, the referee may decide to end the match with the offending team losing by forfeit.
- Protests can only be filed by the team leader (ie: a player that represents the team)
-- If a player does not agree to any rulings made, he/she can express his/her protest to a referee before the completion of a match. Any intentional refusal to connect to the match server can result in a default loss for that team with the decision to be made at the sole discretion of the referee.
- If a rematch is decided by the head referee, the team that does not follow this decision will be subject to disqualification.

* These rules are for the WCG 2009 Grand Final and are subject to modification in the following aspects.
- Use of most recent patch/version release of each official game within WCG committee‟s own discretion.
- Changes to in-game settings and options necessitated by the use of most recent patch version/release
- Cheat Protection Program release and/or cheat protection functions
- Game settings and/or operations guidelines dictated by differences between online and LAN Tournaments


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