ENC female , FRANCE 3rd
Line up : RiTTa, Biki, MiTsu, SaAku, Nsty


" Elle disait que seul l’amour insatisfait peut être romantique."

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Currently :

3DMAXl : aLx, aME, Ceriizz, Cla, NSTY

Season 2007/2008 with Absolut :

Absolut : Bulma, aLx , Nasty , Urda, Krall

5th/9 at Gamers Assembly Poitiers , Futuroscope
1st/8 at ESL 1vs1 female #1 Internet
2nd/10 at Tournoi Orgalan Internet
4th/8 at ESWC.fr Paris Bercy

Season 2008/2009 with oXmoze :

oXmoze : SaAku , tOrkA , Izee , Nasty , Caro

3th/6 at Ping arena XII Toulouse

Season 2008/2009 with paradox :

paradox : SaAku , tOrkA , aKa$ha , Nasty , Jenny

1st/6 at UTT Arena Troyes
1st/8 at 5on5 CFF Saison 1 Internet
4th/8 at ESWC.fr Puteaux
9th/16 at ESL Major Series Saison 4 Internet

Season 2009/2010 with BURNING :

BURNING : SaAku , tOrkA , aKa$ha , Nasty , sword

2nd/4 at Female Gaming NightCup Ladies 2on2 with tOrkA Internet
2nd/8 at Female CS 5on5 EMS Saison 5 Qualification Internet
4th/24 at ESL EMS V Internet
8th/32 at Fnatic tournament Internet
3rd/9 at Gamers Assembly Poitiers , Futuroscope
3rd/4 at ESWC.fr Rosny-Sous-Bois
8th/24 at EFL Internet
9th/16 at ESWC Monde Marne la vallée

Equipe de France ENC : Mitsu , Biki , SaAku , Ritta , Nasty

3rd/12 ENC : Internet

Season 2010/2011 with cybernation :

cybernation : SaAku , tOrkA , Axiane , Nasty , sword

2nd/8 at Tournoi cybernation mixte Paris

LDLC.com : Celine, aLx, Chloé, LiloO, Nsty

4rd/16 at EFL Internet
4rd/5 at Gamers Assembly Poitiers, Futuroscope
2nd/3 at Nexen Lille
3rd at Coupe de france Masters Lille

Currently :

LDLC.com : Celine, aLx, Ju, Mar1on, Nsty

5th/10 at Inferno Online Stockholm , Suède


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