Today we have to say goodbye to our beloved friend and player, Antonio "cyx" Daniloski, one of the worlds best cyberathletes playing for mousesports. Toni had a car accident on his way back from Frankfurt airport and passed away of the consequences on July 29th, 2010 in the age of 20.

Starting point was a missed flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai (China), which our entire Counter-Strike 1.6 team was suspected to take. Unfortunately, Antonio "cyx" Daniloski missed the flight and received another flight on Thursday morning.

On his way back from the airport, he had a car accident due to a tire failure and passed away of the consequences.

Our thoughts at this difficult time for us go to Tonis family, relatives and friends. We mourn a friend and player who was always loved by everyone in our mousesports team and the whole gaming community and because of his commitment and engagement he was one of the most important and famous personalities of all time in mousesports.

Toni led the mousesports team to many victories,such as five consecutive ESL Pro Series titles, the IEM World Championship 2008, the IEM European Championship 2010 and many more.

Rest in peace mate, we will greatly miss you.

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CZ Mezihernový turnaj 05/2011 Team With Lady 8-16 / 33 teams
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CZ Mezihernový turnaj 03/2011 Team With Lady 16-24 / 32 teams
[Me, Patrox, kazimir, Pavisonex and kachnička]
CZ Mezihernový turnaj 02/2011 Team With Lady 24-32 / 36 teams
[Me, mzt, kazimir, patrox and kachnička]
CZ Mezihernový turnaj 01/2011 Team With Lady 20-24 / 29 teams
[Me, Kazimir, Qido, Kachnička and Saly]

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CZ Mezihernový turnaj 05/2010
CZ Mezihernový turnaj 04/2010
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CZ Playzone CS 1.6 5on5 Nightcup #58 / Legalize-team
PL 3.rd UniversalSoldiers cup / RX-team
HU cup / Bukeke
CZ nEurotic Nighcup 3on3 / On1in3R, Jabko, Cacajicko
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SK e-sote 5on5 Nightcup #3 / MIX
DE 3.rd cup / Ethernal

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