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21 Jun 2010

I finished a way overdue project for my buddy AXONZ. It has some unique effects and transitioning, definitely worth checking out [:)]

[Length] 7:39:25

[Video Format] H264 MP4 @ 6kbps

[Audio Format] LAME MP3 192KHz; in-game @ 48KHz, 16-bit

Pendulum - Hold Your Color
Blade 2 - Tao Of The Machine
Roy Jones Jr. - Can't Be Touched
Warp Bros - Blast The Speakers (Advanced 12 remix)
Sound System - Dreamscape

[Programs Used]
Virtual Dub 64-bit
3DS Studio Max
Sony Vegas 8.0 Pro
Sony Soundforge 9.0
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe After Effects CS4
Wondertouch Particle Illusion
2D3 Boujou 4.0 (unmentioned)
Goldwave (unmentioned)
MeGUI (unmentioned)

gMcizzLe on Steam
gMc900 (YouTube)
gMcizzLeFilms (YouTube)

cs 1.6 movie gameplay montage video

gMcizzLe Films


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