Watch the best moments from Arbalet Cup Europe 2010 featuring Fnatic's f0rest, Markeloff's AWP dominance, the illegal defuse of WeMade FOX's Termi against United to send EG packing, the "death from above" ace of Starix that gets bested by the sensational 1 vs. 5 clutch ace by Zeus and so much more in the latest Loaded Week in Review!

Produced by: David "dchozn" Cho


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US ESEA LAN Season 6 - Dallas, Texas
US Arbalet Cup Dallas - Dallas, Texas
US MLG Raleigh - Raleigh, North Carolina
SE Dreamhack Winter 2011 - Jonkoping, Sweden

Feature Articles:
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walle: "There will be no major upsets"
Joint Interview with tehnewbz, whaz
After Four - ESEA Power Rankings
After Two - ESEA Power Rankings

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