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Welcome to SK|Realz Episode 2 - Dear Druid. This episode contains two major parts:

1) A parody of the Saturday Night Live skit 'Dear Sister', and

2) A glimpse into our practice sessions as we prepare for our first round at Blizzcon against WLD

If you are curious to see the original SNL skit, you can watch it here -

In case you missed it - SK|Realz Episode 1 - Cleaves


Dredg - Tanbark
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
Thrice - All the World is Mad
Mew - Apocalypso
Mew - Beach

All games were recorded on the Arena Tournament Realm in arranged matches after patch 3.2, featuring the players of - Realz(PoV), Enforcer, Pookz. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think, and make sure to watch and root for us at the Blizzcon global finals (Aug 21-22)~!

- Realz


World of Warcraft player 'Realz'

Primary classes: Priest, Rogue

Secondary classes: Hunter, Paladin

Professional Accomplishments:

ESL Philadelphia, North American Champion

ESL Hannover, Global Finals participant (9th)
MLG Columbus, Champion
Blizzard Regional Finals, North American Champion
Blizzcon Finals, (4th)
MLG Dallas, (5th)
MLG Anaheim, (8th)

In-game Titles: Gladiator s1-s6 (Priest), Gladiator s2 (Paladin), Gladiator s3-s4 (Rogue)

My Bike! (or at least, same model) -


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