The Evolution Theory

Directed & Edited by Sami 'kajis' Huttunen
Frags by Scott 'evolution' Cavallero

A Counter-Strike fragmovie of one of the best North-American cs-player Scott 'evolution' Cavallero. The movie contains skillwise frags such as opening kills and IMPORTANT 1vs2's and 1vs5' among other clutch situations.
What I will show you is how he can turn the momentum upside down to the benefit of his own team. Scott is mainly known for his quick and insane use of the AWP.
There will be awp-shots which will blow your mind and pistol rounds which will make u wet. Most of the frags are against American top-teams but there's are ones against European TOP-TEAMS as well.
The effects are pretty low in this movie since I wanted to bring out Scott's frags more rather than my editing skills. There is a great sync in and between the frags and an atmosphere which I believe is the key-thing to a cs-movie.

Soundtrack (In order of appearance)

Machinae Supremacy - Gimme Gimme (EG logo + sponsors)
The Boondock Saints OST - Xology Mix (kjStudios logo)
Mˆtley Cr¸e - Kickstart My Heart (1st fragpart)
Celldweller - Birthright (2nd fragpart + credits)

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