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18 May 2009

Short clip with some of the best pistol rounds of the KODE5 09 global finals. The players featured on this video are: gux, cogu, lurppis, allen & Neo. Done by bokepa

DL Link:;13772331;/fileinfo.html
Songname: Ill Nino - All I Ask For

I didnt want to make a full length movie as I did with the EMIII global & euro finals, because there were only hltvs avalaible and lot of them were missing. What motivated me to do the EM movie was the huge amount of povs they uploaded to the public (well premium, lucky I had one premium acc. by that time :P)

kode5 2009 neo cogu gux allen lurppis usp glock highlights SK fnatic MIBR EG WICKED



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