Otherwise known as "The Beast Is Unleashed", this Street Fighter video was captured at EVO 2004 between the best American player, Justin "Marvelous" Wong and legendary Japanese player Daigo Umehara.

To clarify, If Daigo blocked the super he'd suffer chip damage and lose. Daigo's only way to survive at that point was to parry every single part of Justin's super. With a parry, you don't suffer any damage, as the move is effectively "nullified". The parry move in 3rd Strike is extremely difficult to time, and Daigo was able to parry the whole thing, and come back to win.

To add to this. In order to parry a move, you have to hit the joy stick TOWARDS your opponent. SO if you mess up, you will eat the move. This isn't too impressive if the move was a one hit and done type, but Daigo had to time each forward tap to each hit of the move. And after each parry, the move's speed changes, because each parry slows down the rest of the move. So the following things had to happen:

1. Daigo had to bait the move
2. Daigo had to know the timing of it perfectly
3. Daigo had to execute the parries perfectly


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