heres a tour of the office we bootcamp in when we go to germany.. this was taken last year right when we were leaving for france to play in ESWC Masters!!


only add me if ive met you or talk to me regularly...
i have a lot of pending requests and i dont look through them... dont get butthurt!

ESWC2010 after party round 1/13 ;)
this is pretty much how my night went........ =)

i'd rather fuck with the truth,
than make love to a lie.

sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow, we must fail in order to know


• Who doesnt like to travel or go to lans or see my girls?? ;)
US Haywire tournament 2004 - Buffalo Grove, IL (Wasabi)
US Xactek tournament 2005 - Schaumburg, IL (Wasabi)
US X3O winter 2006 - Rockville, MD (Womens Rights LOL!)
US Lan 2007 - Anaheim, CA (SK Ladies)
US Ctrl+Alt+Del Lan 2007 - Chicago, IL (Womens Rights LOL!)
US X3O dust off 2007 - Rockville, MD (Womens Rights LOL!)
US X3O winter 2007 - Rockville, MD (TFM)
FR Blizzard WWI Event 2008
DE SK Office Bootcamp 2008
FR ESWC Masters 2008 - Paris, France (2nd)
US ESWC 2008 Grand Finals - San Jose, CA (1st)
MX Gamegune 2009 - Mexico City, Mexico (5th-6th)
UA Arbalet Female Cup 2010 - Kiev, Ukraine (1st)
US Bootcamp @ POTTERHOUSE - Dallas, TX
FR ESWC Finals 2010 - (1st)
US DMZ 2010 - Schaumburg, IL (epod)

FR ESWC Finals 2011 - (TBA!!!!)

i miss my ladies already.


SK Gaming