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0 Champions Trophy May StarCraft II Champions Trophy Asia

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Mode: 16 players, Single Elimination, Maps and Rules see below.


Xel'Naga Caverns
GSL Crevasse
GSL Terminus RE
Shattered Temple
GSL Tal'Darim Altar
Shakuras Plateau

Each player can veto two maps for every match, only one map for the final. The player in the upper part of the bracket gets to choose the first map. All matches must be played on European servers. Replays must be uploaded immediately after the match. Matches from quarter finals onwards will have to be hosted by an admin. If you are not reachable or don't show up, you will be automatically replaced. Winning players have to send all their replays to All matches will be played as best-of-three, final is best-of-five

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to us at all times (

Upper bracket start: 00:00, Sun 22nd
Upper bracket final: 00:00, Sun 22nd

Attending players
kr Jong Hyuk 'BBoongBBoong' Choi
kr Kim Dong 'Hannibal' Wook
kr Ho Jin 'Happy' An
kr Hyo Jong 'horror' Kim
kr Man Hyuk 'JookTo' Jo
kr Jin-Young 'JYP' Park
kr Chang Ho 'Luvsic' Jo
kr Jeong 'netti' Young-Soo
kr Lee-Sak 'PartinG' Won
kr Ho Joon 'PuMa' Lee
kr Ho Joon 'PuMa' Lee
kr Dong Hyung 'RevivaL' Kim
kr Tan 'TanDongHo' Dong Ho
kr Choi Yun 'TheStC' Sik
kr Hyun-Jun 'Tiger' Kim
kr Hyo-Jong 'ting' Park
kr Jung Hoon 'TOP' Kim



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