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SK Prime win the Challenger League #2 finals

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Jul 30, 2014 19:03

ImageOur boys from SK Prime faced Ninjas in Pyjamas today and came out with a sound victory.

Dr Pepper Final Four on Saturday

By René 'Rene' L.
Jul 30, 2014 13:39

ImageSK Gaming star Chris "nRated" Seitz and his Dr Pepper Allstar team are challenging Millenium player Kevin "kev1n" Rubiszewski and his DPAT 2014 team this Saturday for a spot in the Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament Grand Final at gamescom 2014.

A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W10

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Jul 28, 2014 15:03

ImageIn the second to last week of LCS, SK Gaming played against Supa Hot Crew and Roccat.

SK Prime to attend Faceit Gamescom Challenge

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Jul 25, 2014 15:54

ImageOur boys were part of the first batch of invitees, together with Ninjas in Pyjamas.

A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W9

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Jul 23, 2014 20:57

ImageWeek 9 came with lots of entertaining matches. Getting close to the playoffs, the teams had to make it count more than ever.

nRated challenging LCS stars in DPAT

By René 'Rene' L.
Jul 23, 2014 13:38

ImageSK Gaming's nRated is challenging his LCS colleagues xPeke, Overpow and kev1n once more, but on a different stage this time. The Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament is in the semifinal phase, and nRated is aiming for the Grand Final at gamescom 2014 with his team Planetkey Dynamics.

Kikis new jungler for SK Gaming Prime

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Jul 15, 2014 21:04

ImageKikis will join SKP for the upcoming challenges in the Dailymotion Cup, Coke League and Black Monster Cup.

A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK in LCS W8

By Philipp 'Phil403' Neubauer
Jul 14, 2014 19:36

ImageAfter Superweek where we went 2-2 and lost the lead over the bottom 6 teams, SK looked to strike back and not drop into the middle of the pack.

Brokenshard to Copenhagen Wolves

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Jul 13, 2014 22:17

ImageThe Jungler star of SK Gaming Prime will re-enter the European LCS, but this time not as a DragonBorn, but as a wolf.

When diamonds stop shining: Gambit roster change

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Jul 9, 2014 10:48

ImageRecently Gambit Gaming released a statement about their performance in which they particularly mentioned their star players Diamond and Darien. Prior to week 8 starting, they published some big news.

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