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SK at the Copenhagen Games: Groupstage

By Philipp 'Phil122' Neubauer
Apr 19, 2014 13:47

ImageAfter winning their first match against Nightlife Gaming on wednesday, SK Prime qualified for the group stage of the Copenhagen Games! They faced Cloud 9 EU, Counter Counter Clockwise and n!Faculty in Group B.

Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament returns with SK

By René 'Rene' L.
Apr 16, 2014 17:28

ImageThe Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament kicks off it's 2014 edition and the LCS EU regular season leader SK Gaming will be a part of it once more. Christoph “nRated” Seitz is looking for you to play on his team!

SK Gaming vs ROCCAT: Playoffs

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Apr 16, 2014 14:44

ImageIt is time for the semifinals and the first game of our very own SK! See below what are we to expect from this match.

SK in the EU LCS: A retrospect

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Apr 10, 2014 16:06

ImageFinishing first in the EU LCS, we take a look at SK's adventures during the past 11 weeks.

LCS Preview: Securing the bye round

By Philipp 'Phil122' Neubauer
Apr 1, 2014 15:27

ImageThere are four more matches to fight for our boys! Four more tests stand between us and the important Top 2 finish. Let's jump right into it!

SK in the EU LCS: Week 10

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Apr 1, 2014 11:41

ImageA new week, a new couple of games to be played. With SK.LoL being on a hot streak lately, we were aiming for nothing less than the 1st place of the EU LCS this week.

Week 10 preview: SK aiming for 1st

By Philipp 'Phil122' Neubauer
Mar 27, 2014 15:30

ImageIn the 10th week of LCS, SK will challenge the first placed Gambit and the third placed Alliance to jockey for a good position for Superweek.

All-Stars 2014 - Reddit AMA Summary

By Philipp 'Phil122' Neubauer
Mar 10, 2014 20:13

ImageThis years All-Stars will be held in the Le Zenith Arena in Paris, France. From the 8th to the 11th of May several regions will fight their way to the top. I hunted through the Reddit AMA to bring you the most important information.

SK in the EU LCS: Week 8

By Philipp 'Phil122' Neubauer
Mar 10, 2014 12:28

ImageThe second Super week of the season knocked at the door and SK came out big!

SK in the EU LCS: Week 7

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Mar 5, 2014 16:49

ImageWeek 7 passed us by just as swiftly as it came. Find out how it went for our team!

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