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2014 World Championship: Semi-finals Action

By Alex 'Xceptional' Ferriday
Oct 15, 2014 17:37

ImageCheck out our analysis of the semi-finals between the Samsung giants, White and Blue, and China's favorites OMG and Star Horn Royal Club!

2014 World Championship so far!

By Alex 'Xceptional' Ferriday
Oct 10, 2014 19:45

ImageCheck out our recap of the World Championship Group Stages with Best and Worst performances and Game by Game analysis of the Quarterfinals!

SK Prime vs Gambit Gaming: Preview

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Sep 9, 2014 16:06

ImageDecision day is about to hit for 6 LCS teams. One of those teams is Gambit and they will have to prove themselves against SK Prime. Want some information before you watch that delicious match-up? We got you!

Gaming is Believing: SK Gaming's road to Worlds

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Aug 20, 2014 03:06

ImageFrom being relegated to a top 3 team in the European LCS, the journey of SK Gaming has seen highs and lows. Results, however, tell the tale of a transformation like non-other. Asia awaits.

One last step: EU LCS playoffs

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Aug 20, 2014 16:24

ImageWith the Summer split over, it was finally time to play the most important games of the season. Four teams were able to get into the semifinals and all of them were thirsty for a spot at this year's world championship.

Meet nRated live at gamescom with Dr Pepper

By René 'Rene' L.
Aug 8, 2014 14:55

ImageThe Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament Grand Final will be played on August 14, starting 14:00 CEST and SK Gaming's star Chris "nRated" Seitz will be around the Dr Pepper gaming stage, supporting his DPAT team Planetkey Dynamics. Join nRated and other League fans at the Dr Pepper Allstar stage in Hall 9!

A song of Mechanics and Rotations: SK's LCS W11

By Michael 'Wtblife' Ardelean
Aug 5, 2014 13:36

ImageThe final week of the regular season was once again a super week filled with amazing matchups and last minute deciders. With SK fighting against the top two teams, this week was exciting for our fans too.

nRated's team advances to DPAT Final

By René 'Rene' L.
Aug 5, 2014 12:47

ImageIn two thrilling semifinals, the two finalists for the Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament 2014 have been found. Planetkey Dynamics with nRated as their mentor are going to face xPeke's Dr Pepper Allstar team n!faculty at gamescom 2014.

SK Prime win the Challenger League #2 finals

By Daniel 'd1dx' Yordanov
Jul 30, 2014 19:03

ImageOur boys from SK Prime faced Ninjas in Pyjamas today and came out with a sound victory.

Dr Pepper Final Four on Saturday

By René 'Rene' L.
Jul 30, 2014 13:39

ImageSK Gaming star Chris "nRated" Seitz and his Dr Pepper Allstar team are challenging Millenium player Kevin "kev1n" Rubiszewski and his DPAT 2014 team this Saturday for a spot in the Dr Pepper Allstar Tournament Grand Final at gamescom 2014.

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