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Edwin Vincent
16 (born August 5th, 1999)

12 (out of 10,000)
Elite (3 years)
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14 minutes ago
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Coke, Pepsi, Beer, Red Bull, Water, Sprite, Monster Energy, Cloud9, Vodka, Absolut, Lemonade, Fanta, Cola.
Chinese, Pizza, Burger, Pasta, Indian.
Too many.
All kinds of Dj Music, Rap, Rock, Pop and so on...
A long list.
I don't read books.
Lionel Messi.
GeT_RiGhT. f0rest, KennyS, Markeloff, ScreaM, Happy, PashaBiceps, neo, HeatoN, SpawN, RobbaN, AlleN, JW, Olofmiester, K1oShiMa, n0thing, Skadoodle, cyx.
Football, pool, Swimming, eSports.
Counter Strike 1.6, PES, FIFA, Call of Duty, GtA Series, Clash Of Clans.
Football, Impractical Jokers, Two and a Half Men.

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Hello Everybody!

Welcome to my profile!

I started playing Counter Strike In the year 2009. I was probably 10 years old. I've played a number of tournaments in my country. I've also won a number of tournaments in my country and won many school/college tournaments. Didn't get any major opportunities due to lack of scope of eSports in India. However now eSports is on a rise in India with many tournaments and many teams are rising up. Thanks to Mr.Ben Varghese. I am now in college studying Commerce and IT, hoping to make a living out of it. I still play Counter Strike 1.6 and play CS:GO Occasionally.


Gaming Gear
Mouse - logitech G300
Mousepad - SteelSeries QcK+ fnatic Edition
Keyboard - Other
Headset - Siberia Full-size Headset

My Settings

Sensitivity : 2.5
Zoom Sensitivity Ratio : 0.98
Windows Sensitivity : 6/11
Resolution : 640x480
Monitor refresh rate: 75Hz
Crosshair Size : LARGE
Crosshair Color : White
Crosshair Translucent : No (0)
Dynamic Crosshair : No (0)
MouseFix : off
Radar : Solid
Weapon Alignment : Right Handed
Raw Input : Yes
Enhanced Pointer Precision : off

Launch Options
-noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -freq 120

Played Counter Strike 1.6 for-

C0M0DE Gaming

Karthik " AWPtimus " Hariharan
Aniruddha " JacK " Ayyar
Edwin " R@mBO " Vincent
Nathan " RaveN " Rebello
Amit " iDioT " Sajeev


Snapchat ID




Please subscribe!

The following link is of my sisters YouTube channel, she's young, sweet and cute and has some cool content. Make sure to check her out, subscribe to her channel and support her! Thanks.


I'm not playing Counter Strike anymore, so there is no point in asking my Steam. But feel free to ask any questions related to Counter Strike 1.6 and Counter Strike Global Offensive. I would be very happy to help and will try my level best to help you !


By: assualt
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Call of Duty (playing)
Counter-Strike (playing)
CS:GO (playing)
FIFA (playing)
Football (playing)
League of Legends (watching)
Poker (playing)
Pro Evolution Soccer (playing)
Racing (playing)
Running (playing)
SK Gaming (watching)
Sports (playing)
Tekken 6 (playing)

Siberia Full-size Headset

SteelSeries QcK+ fnatic Edition


Logitech G3



AMD Athlon X2

ATI Radeon HD 3450



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