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Frédéric Salmon
30 (born June 9th, 1986)


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Deviens mon fan'boy!

I'm a fuckin merco :p

My way:
I've played a long time from cs0,8 to cs1,5 with friends and bots. Just for fun. My connection was so weak that i stoped to play usually when adsl connection players had started to excess 56k players. I'd stoped for one year until new friends challenged me. I've played again at cs1,5 and i've gone in my first real clan |*RxR*|. Since i'm playing seriously and make my best to improve myself.

My teams:
1. 2003, |*RxR*|: team of friends, the level was pretty good for the time but the team scattered. Some players wanted to play more and some other were just playing for fun. Team was composed of: Mr-Patate (now known as Kara), Bestel, quick, Coincoin (now known as w0py), Sonik (now known as yoko), ant2610 (or a2610, depending of his mood ;p), touch (now known as JEXEN), Eldrad (sometimes :p), Mqka (or Mqkavelli), Pingu (now i don't know :p), and some other players... Like me :p.
2. 2004, Plug n' Play: One year after |*RxR*|, some players gathered and created Plug n' Play, composed of Coincoin, Pingu, Touch, Kara, Crejus, Trankill, Fox, ariman, Eldrad (sometimes :p)and me. We were motivated, we were good, we had a good tp... But in fact we weren't motivated for a long time because of the same raeson of |*RxR*| team, the team scattered.
3. 2004, Magic: I've not a lot to say because the team scattered one month after my arrival. Players were sympathetic. Composed of Orochi, Nakata, Punk de Luxe, Deans, Bou, Mqka & me and some other.
4. 2004, Minus & Cortex: Fun team composed of Chocolate, Patate (not mister, another potatoese :p), Chtigaet, Kodo, Radoi and myself. Really the best defense i've seen in de_inferno: we'd never lost inferno ct!!! But i'd quit the team for another.
5. 2004, Ing.4e: An ancient well-known Belgian team. The 4e line up was the new line up created to restart the ing-team. Composed of Bou, Drake, Fedhman, Sullyvan, Kiang and me. But the team finally stoped two weeks after because of external problems.
6. 2005, composed of xTa and Florianz as managers, Moka, Joyce, RvX, Paseo, Auron, Appolo, Stunteur and me as soldiers (players :p).
7. 2005, |*RxR*|, I've played with some friends during holidays. Bestel wanted an "RxR come back".
Line-up was composed of Bestel, Eldrad, kTz, Blacky, Neosis and me.

8. 2005, #insport, Bestel as manager,Joyce,Moka, (Sox left, Stunter left),RvX, kTz and Om3.
June 2006, I've just left the team when Stunt and Sox came back, after a good outpost lan.
9. 2006, I've played for 3 teams from June to December. I've played with kTz, Ome, Zera, Godi, VnC, Bestel, oplox, cms, MouN, Olen, Kamilz, aDri and Viper.
10. 2006-2007, I've played for xSense. With neXius (you know? Fox in Pn'P! Ancient teammate, great guy), Ultimo, eYa and VGS.
11. 2007, s2n, fun team composed of JdlF, Spyzor, Oufti, Mangue, ktz, ome/assyl, Ubk and Nourz.
12. 2007-2008, I was pretty inactive, playing a lot of mix mainly with Helq, Shencky and their others mates. Trying to fix something which we did'nt find out. Then i was said to be in emd for two months with delle-, Sata, Sicounet and req but i was replaced because of my schedule.
13. 2008, #mih!, team composed of me, DGboss, Warga, Pom and Kod.
14. 2008, no team, after playing for #mih! i went to the 3dlan with friends of mine, we did pretty well considering it was the first time we played together. We finished 5-6 and the team, #NALEEE, was composed of me, Zera, Godikay, Nfk and Headen.
Then i went to the WCG qualifier at Brussel with #mih!. I was there with DGboss, Warga, Pom and Delle. We finished forth which was ok for a one day mix (we decided two days before :p).
After fucked up my year by missing it, i've played with Joyce, Sox, Stunter and Mouette before switching to nalee with Zera, Godikay, Nfk and MouN. We went to the october 3dlan and we played bad. I was sick on the second day and the third one, some players didn't still have the motivation...

15. 2008, Iwabo,assyL, Eifix, Taz, Sicounet, Yata, Warga, Kalvin. For me it was firstly a fun team, then i found some people wanted to do some great stuffs but i think i'm better out as the team level wasn't really the same.
16. 2009, #mih!, team composed of me, DGboss, MouN, So, Warga, Dopi.
17. 2009, mix time!, well i've mixed a bit with friends. I did some lans where i went for fun (and some mates aren't happy bout me for this :p). I playd with Pom, puRple, Dim and Gerx at 3dlan (when we did nothing but i really enjoyed myself :p [ok woin fun tournment lol, for a beer xD]). and then, few mixs and we went to an nslan i think, with MouN, Godi, assyL and Zera. And then i switched to help puRple, Sicounet, Steel and i don't remember the last one :p. We finisehd 5-8th and i finished ... First without any doubt (16-0) at Blobby Volley xD. Ye i won a bloodball game!
18. 2009-2010, pause!, i was in Buenos Aires for 6 months and i played few mix there... Funny.
19. 2010, back to find something, after coming back from buenos Aires i firstly play for fun with friends in Godis, with sO, rxr, byn, nonin. Then we tried to level up the team with the addition of warga and Inthemix. After a lot of changes i went inactive for examinations and the team died.
18. 2010, osK!, i've played, as stand-in teamleader, with kalvin, munky, al1yu and ggil. We were to the pc-overware and did... Better than i expected. Anyway not enough.
19. 2010, mih,Once again i played with warga, inthemix, sO and nonin.
Fun fact: during that time i played with osk.CSS at the lanup and i played quite well with some full team and two 4 kills in a row again the best team out there.
After some good results on ESL (cs1.6), we joined osk [seems i'm linked with tem.

20. 2010-2011, osk, firstly with warga, inthemix, sO and nonin. Formers mih. Then we had some trouble times and we switched warga for Moun. Sadly it didn't work a lot so we took warga back. Then sO had some irl issues and left us. We took a friend of nonin who proved to be a good player but he didn't care enough about the team. The team was struggling and warga left again. Hopefully we fixed it by playing with some friendly merco: Drop, Ragg and Sam helped us to achieve some objectives.
After a few times, we found a recurrent and good line-up: JdlF, Inthemix, sO, Delle & req.
At the end of january we had some troubles, we tried all new different lines up with Stunter, Warga, Aimon and Yero which ended fastly, as expected.
Eventually, we switched three players to get a new line-up: JdlF, sO, Zuki, Sicounet & Shenky. We did 4-5 at playlan and 5-8 at nslan. Those results aren't enough for me. I think you don't need a team to rank... That's why, after a pause, i'm now considering changes.

19. 2011, myRevenge,After what was a good pause i came back with Warga and sO to kick some asses. We were now part of myRevenge thanks to osk's merger. Therefore we had the opportunity to get money for lans which motivated us greatly. After a short selection rpocess we went to the FOM with Stunter and Joyce who didn't play really for 4 years from our insport area. We did quite well as we finished fifth. But due to problems with Stunter the team ended soon after and i joined another section of myRevenge. I played for a couple of month wit Manga, Arka, Rock and Warga. But due to the bad atmosphere carried on by the like of Arka and Manga the team shattered fastly.
19. 2011-2012, Angel Wings,As usual when i don't want to play that much i go along with new players. This time i played with Overdoze, Rexton, MJ, eOOl and so one. We played of for few months then i quit the team due to the fact i didn't want to try my luck during some lan events abroad and also because of internal tensions between the lead and MJ which was in my opinion the best asset of the team.
19. 2012, Uncompetitive time,I played with two similar groups for two lans, we could say as mix. One fom with warga, sO, shenky and maesta. We could say we had bad luck regarding groups but also Shenky didn't want to play and Warga was pissed off unexperienced players. I should have taken the lead.
Then i went to the lanforce with sO, Maesta, Medoza and MJ. We luckily ended fifth which was quite good as there was a lot of better teams. But we ended it badly on a 16-1 on de_nuke. Once again experience wasn't there and bad communication and teamplay from few caused great damages.

20. 2012, Wondering time,this is the first time i put it into this "resume", i'm wondering. I enjoy playing lans and i am a lan player, there i fear no one and i'm always a great fragger. Obviously my internet level is crap comparing to lans. This is due to mental, time to play and server quality. For years i did not have a proper team - even if it is hard in belgium. I feel like the guy who carried all those players on some events, these players had their momentum and disappeared right after. At this point i have a lot of work to do and cs:go is coming. That's why for some month i didn't play counter-strike 1.6 for real.

Actual Team:
No team. Wondering what to do.

I'm losing motivation to play cs1.6. It is still a great game but i don't feel comfortable with players. I guess i'll switch to cs:go as i really enjoy this game and servers are ay better.
I could make few more 1.6 lans but i expect good mix/players/team.



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be kalv 9 months ago
ya ouais quand même j'hesite encore hahaha

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be kalv 1 year ago
Yo jd, dis y'a encore des anciens qui joue a cs;go ?

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be kalv 1 year ago
Allais ? hahha il y'a plus personne c'est mort !!!

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be kalv 1 year ago
Et quoi fi tu joues toujours ? loool

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be Rasety 5 years ago
C'est ce que je disais... on dit tjrs que celui qui a un chapeau de paille est un pervers ! mdrr

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be Rasety 5 years ago
LanUp avec ton dieu c'est ça que tu voulais dire ? :D mdrr :p

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be poM_ 5 years ago
Ok :p pas de soucis le poète

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be poM_ 5 years ago
T m a oublié chez iwabo :'(

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