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About me:

I got on board early 2000, when Schroet Kommando was only the Quake III team from Oberhausen. Being responsible for Marketing, Sales and PR, SK got their first sponsors in 2000. From that moment on, things went their or better our way ;).

SK was switched to a Multigaming Clan and after winning with a German CS team, we decided to add an international one. This was the time Andreas was invited to join forces.

Today I am Managing Director together with Andreas and we try to run SK-Gaming the best possible way.

I am always open for competition, so you might be able to find the one or the other competition going on in here:

Callenge #1 vs. Kim Rom (Steelseries)
Starting 17th August we will battle each other in a couple of running competitions
Status: won
Final Standing: 1-0 (in my favour)

Challenge #2 vs. TheFly (ESL)
Starting 14th May we will have 90 days and whoever ran the most km within these 90 days is the winner of the competition.
Status: won
Final Standing: 1-0 (in my favour)
TheFly 151,99 km
TheSlaSH 246,62 km (beat Fly by 94,63km)

Challenge #3 vs. myself
Starting 1st Jan 08 I will have to run at least 600k till 31st Dec 08 (including this day), otherwise I will have to become a member of 1.FC Köln.
Status: won
Final Standing: 602,09 km
Result: Now, if you look at the official Marathon, which is 42,195km, I did 14,27 of those in 08 or 1,19 per month. Still, I liked it ;)

Challenge #4 vs. myself
Starting 1st Jan 09 I will have to run at least 300k and bike 600k till 31st Dec 09 (including this day), otherwise I will have to invite Cengiz to Bayern playing Cologne either in Cologne or Munich with very good tickets.
Status: won
Final Standing: 300,54km running and 601,59km biking
Result: I convinced myself again that winning a challenge against myself is something I should go for and today, 31st December I am happy I did so. I will have to look for a new challenge in 2010 and it feels like swimming will be added to complete the triathlon.
Anyway, I cleared more than 25km of running and more than 50km of biking each and every month in average.

Challenge #5 vs. myself
Starting 1st Jan 10 I will have to accomplish 12 triathlons in sum till 31st Dec 10 (including this day). Per definition it will be the olympic distance, which is 1,5km swimming, 40km biking and 10km running. The total therefore is 18km of swimming, 480km biking and 120km of running in 2010.
Status: closed with 493,5km running, 19,6km swimming and 125km biking so far
Final Standing: won
Result: I did it and that is it! It wasn't as much fun as the other challenges so far and for 2011 I won't have one, that is for sure. I might to smaller Nike+ challenges here and there, but overall I am done for this year.

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