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Hell Gaming
Hell GamingHistory

In the summer of 2003 we came up with the ideea of creating a gaming and esports community like no one ever did before in Romania, so we started Hell Gaming Ltd. Our first step was to build a complete and interactive website and we did, is now up and running on our own server. After that we created the 1st professional Counter Strike team in Romania. No one offered contracts to the players, but we did: and can confirm this. We had the best Counter Strike players in our hands, but the 1st event of the guys was Kode5 in just 1 month after the team was put together. They didn’t manage to win Kode5 qualifier placing on 2nd place. They were all disappointed. Paka “k1d0r” Daniel decided to leave the team. He was replaced by Velio “darkois” Andrei, another player from the professional cs scene in Romania. The mangement decided that the weakness of the team was Maritiu “St” Stefan, so he was dismissed and replaced with Ionita “Terrorianu” Marius. In the meanwhile we managed to win some Wired Friday Nights’ and the ESL romanian finals. Soon after winning the ESL finals Jawich “TaofiK” Taofik and Ionita “Terrorianu” Marius decided to leave the team, becouse they were good friends with another clan from Romania. They were replaced by Dragan “ONY” Cristian and Voinea “DaNy” Dan Cristian.

TezeuGeorge 'Tezeu' Dobre
Members: 12
Visits: 2580

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ro Romania

se Sweden

rs Serbia

it Italy

ch Switzerland

tr Turkey



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