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Esport League of Champions
Esport League of ChampionsHanover, Germany - The World Cyber Games, the premiere international gaming competition announces the launch of Esport League of Champions (ELC). The newly formed Esport League of Champions will bring competitive gaming to a new level with state-of-the-art professional TV production, worldwide streaming and a global gaming community. The league will also have the same structure in prize money as the Champions League, where each team gets a start bonus, a bonus for points and for winning a game. Under this format, all participating teams are guaranteed prize money. A staggering 152.000 Euro will be spread between the competing teams and players.

"Thanks to the massive support from our partners and especially ICM we now are on the verge of launching the most exiting professional electronic sport tournament format that I have come across. We are convinced that we can offer our community customers added value through quality broadcasting, online gaming, tournaments and a global Esport news section at no cost for the user. The ELC includes community, competition, broadcasting, stars and fun"
- Johan Lidén, CEO of ELC.

For the first season, ELC will invite teams to participate in the tournament. However, moving forward, each country will have local qualification tournaments. The teams/players will all be flown to the studio in Stockholm where production of the league will take place. ELC will be shot in a hi-tech studio, specifically designed for Esports events. Players will compete throughout the day and everything will be captured on camera and broadcasted LIVE over the Internet.

By incorporating the experience of WCG and their webplattform the ELC website is characterized by extensive services allowing members to set up profiles, participate in online gaming leagues, have personal media galleries, watch videos and read Esport News from all over the world.

"The World Cyber Games is very excited to be a part of this extraordinary new league. Not only will the competition be among the best in Esports, the top-quality broadcasting will allow the matches to be viewed by fans in a stunning visual format." - ICM CEO, HS Kim

The broadcasting is very important in creating the success of the ELC and to secure this cooperation with Octoshape has been signed. Having created a unique technology for streaming, Octoshape is revolutionizing the streaming media business by widening the scope of web casting.

"Octoshape is very excited to have the opportunity to work with the upcoming WCG ELC league. We consider this cooperation to be a major step forward in our efforts to gain a strong foothold in the gaming community. The streaming services that will be developed with WCG ELC will offer a brand new approach to large scale content delivery on the web. Octoshape is eager to meet the high expectations for this project."
- Johan Ryman, Octoshape.

The participating organizations in the ELC will also have their own market place at ELC and can use the platform to even more strengthening their brand and attract new members and partners.

"Fnatic and I are very happy to be a part of the first season of the WCG ELC, as an invited team. I strongly believe that for Esports to become more professional and therefore expand and grow its going to need more television, more tournaments and more emphasis on the players’ Star status. From what I have seen of the plans for the WCG ELC has focusing on all of these aspects and more. I look forward to a great beginning and a long future for the first true European based offline league for Esports."
- Sam Mathews, Fnatic.

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