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Barney Stinson is a fictional character created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the television series How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris.

Early Life

His mother was a promiscuous woman who had another son, who is black. She claimed that Bob Barker was Barney's father, presumably because Barker was on the television when Barney asked at a young age. His mother also drank and smoked cigarettes often.

Although his alma mater has not been specifically revealed on the show, in the episode How Lily Stole Christmas, Barney is seen wearing a shirt from Cornell University.

A hippie-like character working in a coffee shop in 1996, Barney planned to embark on a two-year stint in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua with his girlfriend Shannon. This plan was later foiled after Shannon left him for a suited, more established man. He recorded a video of himself singing in an attempt to win her back, but to no avail. He then fled to his pre - gay brother, James, who secretly bribed a woman so she would sleep with Barney and tell him he was 'the best she ever had'. Since it was his first time, he was greatly encouraged. This was the catalyst for his transformation into his modern appearance and personality.


He is a womanizer, favors suits, laser tag, and uses the words "awesome" and "legendary" frequently.

Barney is almost always seen wearing a suit and makes great use of his catchphrase, "Suit up!", often modifying it for a particular situation (i.e., "Snowsuit up!" while making an igloo in Central Park, or "Flight suit up!" when he dresses as a "kick ass fighter pilot" for Halloween, or "Slut Up!" when Lily and Robin get ready to go to a high school prom, or when he says "Space suit up Ted, 'cause you're going to the moon," in the episode where Ted may or may not have a threesome).

Personal Life

He became friends with Ted after meeting in the bathroom of a bar, and then sitting down next to him later that night to "teach him how to live." Barney often states that he is Ted's best friend, only to be corrected by Ted, who retorts that he (Ted) and Marshall are best friends.

Barney works for Ultrasew, a large company that produces military weaponry, petroleum and the exterior of tennis balls. Barney's job within Ultrasew is shrouded in mystery; whenever he is asked what his exact profession is, he always replies with a laugh and a "please". It is often implied that Barney's job is extremely lucrative, evidenced by his apartment furnishings and expensive, tailored suits.

Barney has a gay, African American brother named James, who, like Barney, always wears a suit, has a blog, and cruises crowds at parties looking to score. When James was caught at a bar sending text messages, he revealed that not only was he in a relationship but he is about to marry his partner, Tom. Barney first opposes his choice -- not because he is opposed to gay marriage, but rather because he is opposed to marriage in general. He finally accepts the idea when James announces that he is going to have an adopted son which would make Barney an uncle for the rest of his life, something that deeply moved Barney. Amusingly, Neil Patrick Harris, who plays Barney, is actually gay, while Wayne Brady, who plays James, is heterosexual. The voice of Barney and James' mother is performed by Megan Mullally.

In the episode Showdown, Barney reveals to his friends that he believes Bob Barker (of The Price is Right) is his father. As a result, Barney spends countless hours watching the show and researching retail amounts so that when he finally does appear on The Price is Right, he will be able to make it all the way to the Showcase Showdown, win, and subsequently tell Bob Barker that he is his son. (He hopes that Barker will give him adoration and pride he never had growing up.) Although he does ultimately win the Showcase with a perfect bid, he opts to congratulate Barker on his career and pending retirement instead. While it is implied that Barker is not actually Barney's father, the idea is neither proven nor refuted.

He favors one night stands with women, then never calling them again. Barney often goes to airports with fake luggage to pick up women. He also has his apartment specifically designed to deter women from staying with him. These measures include never having food or coffee, a toilet seat which has a spring-loaded lid so it always stays up, a king sized bed with only one pillow and an undersized blanket, and having his pornography collection openly lit and professionally displayed.

He has claimed to have licked every national landmark in the United States, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the Liberty Bell. He also happens to know the names of multiple taxi drivers. He has a blog, where he once made a post of 24 things women have in common with fish, and he invented the "phone-five" (a high five where one high fives a cell phone). He also came up with the "lemon law" for dating.

Barney is also an amateur magician of some skill as well as being proficient at playing the piano. Barney is also a Star Wars fan, going as far as to have a life-sized Clonetrooper statue in his apartment.

He earned his nickname "Swarley" after a barista misspelled his name on a cup of coffee. The other characters have come up with other versions of this name; for example, Robin bought Barney a subscription to People en Español, and had it addressed to "Swarlos" as well as others such as "Swarles Barkley," "Swarhili," and "Bob Swarley mon." All the other main characters use it in different ways to rib him, including calling him at the bar and requesting songs on the radio in tribute to him.

In the episode Atlantic City, Barney reveals that he once had a gambling problem that caused him to lose him a lot of money. He then participates in a complicated and confusing Chinese game in order to win money for Marshall and Lily to wed in international waters. It is later shown in the episode "Monday Night Football" that his gambling problem started from a bet between Marshall and Barney during a Super Bowl game. His gambling problem subsists throughout the series, to the point that he has an affectionate relationship with his bookie.

Barney is brutally honest with his friends, to the point of being cruel. The best example is when Lily stars in an "off, off, off, off Broadway play". The play is awful, and while every one else tells Lily they love the play, Barney tells her it was horrible. Lily tells him that if he starred in a play, and it was bad, she would never admit it. To prove her wrong, Barney writes and stars in his own one man play, "Suck It, Lily". The play consists of Barney saying "moist" for forty minutes, spraying a water gun at Lily for twenty minutes, and finally covering himself in tin foil to dance with a toaster. It ends when Marshall slaps him in the face, the second of five slaps to be given out by Marshall after Barney lost a slap bet over whether or not Robin was a porn star in Canada.

It has been revealed that Barney lost his virginity at the age of 23 to his mom's 45-year-old friend, Rhonda. He however prefers to tell stories from popular 80s movies to hide this, including Dirty Dancing, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, WarGames, and Risky Business. In the same episode, it is implied that he has slept with Madeleine Albright.

He has no idea how to drive a car. Ted tried to teach him with Marshall's Fiero, but Barney became terrified at the "breakneck speeds" (4 mph), and has never driven since. Except that Barney is seen driving Ted's moving truck in the very next episode, Moving Day.

It was also Barney that persuaded Lily to return to Marshall. After listening to Marshall mope all summer, he decided he could not take it any more. He flew to San Francisco and confronted Lily, telling her that she and Marshall belong together and that he didn't know anyone else so perfect for each other. He gave her a plane ticket back home and revealed that he had been deliberately stealing all the girls with which Marshall flirted.

Romantic Interests

Shannon was Barney's one and only serious girlfriend. He planned on devoting his life to her and was crushed when she left him for a suit-wearing womanizer.

The Slap Bet

Barney lost a Slap Bet to Marshall over whether or not Robin was a porn star in Canada. His punishment is to receive 5 slaps from Marshall that may be doled out at any time from here to eternity.
Barney was first slapped in "Slap Bet" after witnessing a tender moment between Robin & Ted.
Barney was slapped in "Stuff" after writing a play entitled Suck It Lily in order to force Lily to admit that it was a terrible play. The play ended when Marshall slapped Barney.
The third slap occurred on the "Slapsgiving" episode. Barney thought that he had escaped Marshall's third slap because Lily (the slap bet commissioner) said that no slaps could occur on a holiday. After Barney began taunting Marshall about the fact that he wasn't allowed to slap him, Lily changed her mind and permitted the slap to occur. Marshall slapped Barney and then sang a song about it.

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