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Garena - Fan Club
Garena - Fan ClubConnecting World Gamers
Forrest Li and his friends founded Garena in Singapore and within a year expanded Garena's presence to Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and the CIS. Most recently, Garena extended its reach to Thailand and Indonesia.

Garena started in 2007 as an Esports community. Through the experience, the founders was fascinated with the rapid evolution of online games. Inspired to build a great gaming company together, Forrest and his friends incorporated Garena in 2009 with their passion to bring the online gaming experience to a higher level.

Garena launched its flagship online game platform in 2010. Known as Garena+, the social platform is designed for online gamers to meet, chat and play games with each other. On Garena+, gamers are able to effortlessly discover and play games while connecting with other gamers. Garena+ provides gamers with the ability to track gameplay, view the achievements of their buddies through a centralized buddy list, connect with clans and groups of similar interests on games, and voice chat with many gamers simultaneously through public or private channels. Within one year time, the monthly active users on Garena+ surpassed the 1 million mark.

In addition to providing an esports playground for popular classics such as DotA and Age of Empire, Garena also introduced latest premium online games on Garena+, including the award-winning League of Legends and other premium game titles, such as the first-person shooting game Black Shot and real-time strategy game Heroes of Newerth.
Garena Clan
Garena Clan System provides a place for like-minded gamers to make friends, share gaming experience and play together or challenge each other in this fantastic gaming arena. You can play a number of different roles, such as lord, administrator and member. Come and showcase your gaming talent in your Garena Clan!

Garena Clan List
How do I create a clan?
Why can't I create my clan?
How do I join a clan?
Why can't I join a clan?
Can I join multiple clans?
How can I quit a clan?
What is "I am here today"?
How can I view other members in the clan?
How can I interact with other clan members?
Can I post multimedia content in clan?
How can I edit my message or comment?
How can I view comments of a post?
What is Clan Lords’ Dialogue?
Why can't I leave message on my own clan or other clan’s message board ?
How can I chat to clan members in private?
How can I report a spam or illegal content posted in a clan?
How can I report a bug or an important issue regarding to Garena Clan System ?

Garena Games

Dota Allstars
Warcarft lll
Counter Strike 1.6
Counter Strike 1.5
Counter Strike Source
Starcarft 1
League of Legends
Heroes of Newerths
Black Shot
Perfect World 1 , 2
Call Of Duty 6 [MW2]
Call Of Duty 5 [WaW]
Call Of Duty 4 [MW]
Call Of Duty 2
Left 4 Dead 1
Left 4 Dead 2
AOE ll
Red Alert 3
Battlefield 2

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Garena Member States

Europe +
North America +
South America [Argentina , Bolivia , Colombia , Ecuador , Guatemala , Honduras , Nicaragua , Paraguay , Uruguay]
International [Algeria , Angola , Arabian , Egypt , Jordan , Lebanon , Saudi Arabia , UAE]
South Asia [Bangladesh , India , Nepal , Pakistan , Sri Lanka]
Oceania [Australia , New Zealand]

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