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Rasmus "GuX" Ståhl fan club
Rasmus "GuX" Ståhl  fan clubMEET: Rasmus "GuX" Ståhl

Rasmus is the newest recruits, straight from a brilliant career in any of the other big European teams. We are very pleased to have with Rasmus as the last member of our 1.6 stable. We are excited to see Rasmus experience bring to the Lions and how he manages to share this with other practitioners. What he has performed previously, we have seen, now we hope fully on the 2011 and the magic Rasmus can do with the Lions!

» Previous Teams:
fnatic.MSi xizt , carn , friis , pita , gux
Lions.swe niko , kHRYSTAL, FYRR73, treath , gux
fnatic.MSI: dsn, f0rest, cArn, GeT_RiGhT, Gux
SK Gaming: Allen, Walle, Robban, face, Gux
H2K Gaming kHRYSTAL, niko, Xizt, pronax, FYRR73, gux
Lemondogs: Gux, kHRYSTAL, niko, threat, FYRR73
Lanklan: GeT_RiGhT, kHRYSTAL, threat, gux, FYRR73
EYEBALLERS: get, niko, blomstar, gux, JAEGARN, zeki, threat


.Crosshair color: Red
.Crosshair size: small
.Crosshair translucent: No
.Dynamic crosshair: Yes
.Sensitivity: 2.62
.Monitor refresh rate: 75hz
.Mousefix: No
.Resolution: 640*480
.Vertical sync: Off
.Windows sensitivity: Default

7-8: IEM V World Championship Finals $1750.00
5-6: IEM V European Championship Finals $2150.00

1st - GameGune 2010, IEM5 GC Shanghai, KGC #2, IOL FINAL4 S2
2nd - ESWC 2010, MSI BEAT IT, Arbalet Cup Best of 4, DSRack #3, EPS Nordic II
3rd - IEM4 World Championship, e-Stars

1st ESL EM III Global Challenge L.A in Los Angeles CA, USA
1st ENC playoffs TEAM SWEDEN 2009
1st e-Stars – $12000
2nd EMIV Chengdu – $7500
1st EMIV Dubai – $10000
2nd WCG – $18000
1st WEM – $22500

Rasmus "Gux" Ståhl was one of the key players for fnatic during their dominance in 2009, but at the very end of the year he had to skip WEM which started the rumors about him leaving the team. A month later, at the start of 2010 he did end up leaving fnatic in order to focus on his studies. However, he wasn't out of the game for too long as he then joined SK Gaming in early February.

Mek0Daniel 'Mek0' Jimenez Fernandez
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Visits: 1885

Member origin
rs Serbia

ru Russian Federation

pl Poland

tr Turkey

cl Chile

ba Bosnia Herzegowina

pa Panama

kz Kazakhstan

cr Costa Rica


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