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Lunatic-haiLunatic-hai closed

Seoul, January 18. 2009

After more than 4 years of competitive E-Sports Korean Counter-Strike team “Lunatic-hai” decided to close this chapter once and for all and steps back from active gaming.

During the past years, E-Sport has been a big part of our lives and it was a privilege to be a part of this new market but there is a time when everyone faces reality, and after countless times of trying to get back on track, we simply noticed that we were too exhausted to start from scratch.

As some of you may know, the E-Sports market in Korea is pretty much only focused on “Starcraft”. Thus meaning, it is very difficult for teams such as Lunatic-hai or other local teams, to cover the smallest expenses without a sponsor, and even with a sponsor, gaming is simply not profitable enough to cover to make it “count” in the future. Furthermore, Korea still requires the 24-month military service, which can be postponed but we recognized, postponing it[military service] would only cause more problems.

So what is everyone in Lunatic-hai going to do?

Enemy will start his military service on the 20th of January. Cliper and Glow will follow him most likely in July and Mal already focused on this study.

E-Sport has given us a lot. Everyone in the team has made new friends, we’ve participated most exciting tournaments and we visited countries we’ve never dared to dream
Thereby we would like to thank everyone, who made this possible for us:
Aijoarashop, who always supported us with gaming peripherals, Razer, who provided us with great support in 2008, Kappa;
CAN, FPSKorea and Papas for helping and getting us through tough times;
ESL for the greatest tournament we’ve ever participated on (Once again, we deeply apologize not attending IEM Asia and causing you guys additional problems);
WeMade FOX (former E-STRO) for being a wonderful competitor, and most of all, our fans, who cheered for us and supported us through the bad times and good times

To them and everyone else, we would like to say “Thank you for a tremendous time, and, Sorry)

We wish everyone the best of luck in their future.

Although we won’t represent Korea anymore, we’re sure WeMade FOX will, and we’re confident that they will be able to claim the top in 2009.

Once again,

Thank you!

Lunatic-hai 01.18.2009
Mal, Enemy, Glow, Cliper, okju, Oversoul and Garfield

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