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kHRYSTAL - Funclub
Frey 'kHRYSTAL' Sjöström

Config updated: 19/1 2010
Settings updated: 19/1 2010

Monitor: Acer 22" Wide
Mouse drivers: No (Standard)
Mouse skatez: No
Mouse HZ: 1000
Mouse DPI : 1600
Mouse: Steelseries Ikari Optical
Mousepad: Steelseries QcK Heavy
Headset: Steelseries 5Hv2
Keyboard: Steelseries 7G

Ventrilo Push-to-talk: F
Mumble Push-to-talk: F
Sensitivity in Windows: 3/11
Enhance pointer precision: No
Sensitivity in Counter-Strike: 2
Zoom sensitivity: 1.2
Resolution in Windows: 1680x1050
Resolution in Counter-Strike: 800x600
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
HZ in Counter-Strike with CRT monitor: 100
HZ in Counter-Strike with TFT/LCD monitor: 75
Color Quality in Counter-Strike: Highest (32bit)
Launch Options: -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -noforcemparms
Crosshair color: White (255 255 255)
Crosshair size: Small
Crosshair translucent: 1
Dynamic crosshair: 0
GUI: Default (No GUI)

GFX drivers: 191.07

NVIDIA Control Panel
3D settings:
Anisotropic filtering: 16x
Antialiasing - Gamma correction: Off
Antialiasing - Setting: Application-controlled
Antialiasing - Transparency: Off
Conformant texture clamp: Use hardware
Error reporting: Off
Extension limit: Off
Force mipmaps: None
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration: Multi display perf. mode
Texture filtering - Negative LOD bias: Allow
Texture filtering - Quality: High quality
Threaded optimization: Auto
Triple buffering: Off
Vertical sync: Force off

Desktop color settings:
This is how I do:
Restore Defaults and +20% Digital Vibrance

Desktop color settings for retards:
If default Digital Vibrance is 0% I use 20%
If default Digital Vibrance is 50% I use 70%

lakNLukáš 'lakN' Radko
Members: 42
Visits: 12404

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cz Czech Republic

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ge Georgia

ba Bosnia Herzegowina

kz Kazakhstan

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