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Partners Medion Intel ASRock Kingston - Official Group - Official GroupComputer games have come a long way since the introduction of games such as Tetris and Pac man in the 80s. Nowadays, although relatively invisible to the public, broadband internet and online multiplayer games make it possible for people and even teams to compete and play matches against each other. This type of electronic competition is, apart from the obvious differences, easily comparable to any regular sport. In fact, nowadays it is commonly referred to as E-Sports.

The competitive gaming world is very large tournament-wise: every day of the week hundreds of different on-line matches are being played in all sorts of arranged competitions, featuring some small prizes or just for the satisfaction of winning. The main form of competition though lies within the larger tournaments; these are offline tournaments on a LAN (Local Area Network). Players come together from all over the world to face each other under optimal conditions, playing on computers in front thousands of people alone at the location, and even more people who watch from home, linked up with live feeds of the games and accompanied by shout casters (who are the commentators of the E-Sports world).

About five years ago the idea of winning much money from gaming was a special achievement to a select few, but an intangible concept to most. Online gaming was usually just a hobby; similar to golf in the beginning, but now the gaming scene is a much more serious affair. Increasing amounts of competitors and teams are turning professional, earning money from sponsors, subscriptions on their websites, and various other sources of income. In 2005 alone the major competitions offered over 5 million USD in prize money; in 2009 there was over 25 billion USD in prize money, which will be expected to rise this year.

The GoodGame project is a realization of this ideal. It is our firm belief that competitive gaming will become as much an accepted past time as any sport. Our aim is to capitalize on this potential, to nurse the community in its young age of development and bring it into maturity, with GoodGame as the forefront brand image. GoodGame was founded in 2009 to development of the fast growing and at that time brand new field of electronic sports - E-Sports.

GoodGame's main target is the computer games and cyber sport promotion in Lithuania. Our organisation is based on daily e-sports new's, article's, review's the world's biggest tournaments, leagues of Quake Live, CS:Source, Warcraft III, Dota Allstars, Counter-Strike: 1.6, Starcraft 2 and Call of Duty. „GoodGame is the realization of the potential that lies within competitive gaming, and has an overall goal of becoming the forefront brand image of this infant industry.“

The gaming industry is growing rapidly. Not only the large sums of money that companies keep spending into the gaming business are noticeable, the attention that the media creates is putting gaming on a whole new platform of marketing. Media concerns are letting gaming be a part of their success. Just like gaming, GoodGame organisation keeps getting more attention.

The organisation currently consists of over 25 staff dedicated to GoodGame. Currently leading GoodGame are five Directors, Romas „Jimbo" Chvedčenia, the Managing Director is based in the Ireland, Julius „Neks" Prosevičius, the Technical Director, is based in United Kingdom. Also in upper management is Edgaras „WooGy" Maščinskas, who is the Chief Editor of GoodGame, Marius „GUArd" Ivanauskas, GoodGame's head of Technical Development, and Vytautas „Arew" Graičiunas, the Community Manager. GoodGame has an extensive network of volunteer workers dedicated to our goals and aspirations, among these volunteers are two professional designers, three dedicated web coders, and currently over 10 volunteer journalists.

We hope the above information has given you an insight into GoodGame organisation. If you believe that the opportunities presented here might be worthwhile as part of your existing marketing campaign or as a whole new area then we look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas, are afraid to blurt, even to your mother - we will give you a chance to talk with us -

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