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Extreme Master III
fnatic defeat MYM, EM3 champions
By: Nomad
Time: 2009-03-08 16:31
Event: Extreme Masters III Global Finals
The first half of the grand finals never really got exciting, as fnatic defeated MYM 13-2. MYM however wanted it different in the 2nd half.

The grand final of the Extreme Masters 3 Global Finals has been played, a match where MYM had to win 2 maps to take home the championship, with fnatic only needing one never got exciting as fnatic dominated MYM on nuke. After a good T side from fnatic winning 13-2 not many thought MYM really stood a chance, but a great comeback in the 2nd half got the game to 14-13, however fnatic kept their heads cool and took home the last two rounds, winning the match 16-13.

Extreme Masters III ..
fnatic16 MYM13

This concludes the Extreme Masters Global Finals, with the following standing:

1st - fnatic - $50.000
2nd - MYM - $25.000
3rd - mTw - $15.000
4th - SK-Gaming $10.000
5-6th - Wemade Fox $6.000
5-6th - Alternate $6.000

All there is left to say is congratulations to fnatic, and make sure to check out all the pictures, demos, and coverage from the EM3 Global Finals for all the action you might have missed

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