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Unreal Tournament 3

Did anyone played UT3 so far?
I dont have time and want to know if its a game, i should better play.

Would be nice, if someone can report to me or us =)


Played the demo and was not impressed, considered buying the game but heard from several people it feels just like the demo so... I guess the problem with successors of great games(yes, to me UT2k4 is a great game :p ) is trying to be innovative without alienating the fans, but somehow I felt both alienated and bored oO
Dunno what you expect from the game, if you want to play it competitively I suppose you can't go wrong trying if you played the UT series, otherwise well, it's UT so aiming gets you quite far =P
But why don't you just try the demo? ->


Bought it and it's not really worth bothering about. CoD4 trumps it in just about every regard.



UT seems not so popular here :X


I like UT3
I think its better than Painkiler and UT03/04!


This game is crazy. UT 2004 best game of this episode. MFg, SpankyX


ut2k4 is still thebest, it is active with pubs just not competitively still\

ut3 isnt good that much


Its nice!


I wish we have in future a good game wich can be a revolution and the most played game


I didn't really like UT3. It's too messy. That's what I like about 2K3 and 2K4, they are "cleaner" and they contain more fun!

And I totally agree with you HeADeNseN, I would really like to see a UT game that would put in some new styles in FPS e-sport. I want Bombing Run in e-sport! It's like the really agressive and bloody answer to football! A lot of blood, shooting and tactics, perfect for e-sport!


I dont like UT3 nothing special changed for me ... but not many people play it so the servers are empty ... i am playing 2k4 most of my time


I much preferred UT2004.


UT3 is an amazing game, and now when they have updated the game with 2.0 and the titanpack its even better :)


sick game


this games are not good


nice :D


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