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ESWC 2008 with Q3

How cool is that?


Really cool!


well I guess the ESWC realized that Q3 is the better game :)


Yea, it sure is..


uber cool :>


Very Intresting !!!


extremely f'ing cool sir


quake is returning to its ex and active days!


sure is!!


i think its cool, cause cs will be still playing, too. So why play q4 if q3 is better?

gameplay > graphic




Shall the big teams out there get Q3 players for this year? What is your opinion folks?


I have no idea actually. But it would be great seeing zero4, Lakerman, czm, cooller, toxic, stermy, socrates, fatality etc. playing the tournament!


Winz we need you at eswc 2K8 !


Just really nice


Is it possible to find streams for some of these games? I googled a bit but couldn't really find anything. I don't have Q3 but I love watching top-notch games - modern time gladiators. :)


Very cool, we need more tournaments like that :)


I personally Love eswc, for having quake3 as a event, but seeing as ESWC will not be coming to South-Africa.. it makes me sad :(


czm will win this tournament


go Q3


well i love playing it few years but...i loved also quake4...with the old mod it isnt so good.. :( u know a lot of portal,players told that quake3 is dead..but i am saying its not..definitely...and ESWC prooved that its still alive! :P


yo man when ESWC is gona take place and will it be broadcasted on GTV or please can u tell me how to watch those games live


i am waiting for all the players to compete, it will be so nice to watch big guns play the best game which is quake 3 again


Go Quake3! I love the action in quake3.


Awsome. keep Q3 alive untill Live is released!


it's totally f*cking awesome, i really like to play quake3 and specially watch it! i think it's a great game for both competition purposses and for spectator purposses :D


oh my god.




yea cool


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