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Quake 3 > Quake 2 (a little)

I know Quake two is really old and so is Quake 3, but the thing is that Quake 3 is more sophisticated and it's more speed and all that. However, the need to move your mouse so cool in Quake 2 was a big loss in the third. I know, if you moved the mouse correctly in the third game, it moved faster but it wasn't like in Quake 2.

Who agrees?


Q3 = best game until today


total agree with you , especially this mod:


I'm sorry but quake 2 is so much better as quake 3 it isn't even funny.

Quake 3 is ONLY about aim, especially with that stupid mg starting weapon wich is basically the strongest gun in the game (it's like a long range lightning gun, but without the lag effect, nice1 id).

In quake 2 it was quite possible to defeat your opponent using your brains by denying them weapons and armour (no 5 second weapon spawns, wich are just usless, I mean either have meaningfull spawntimes or don't bother with them at all). In quake3 a newly spawned player can immediatly take you down in seconds if he has good mg aim or grabs a nearby railgun or whatever, doesn't matter if you have control or not.

Things like that just destroy the basic mechanics of the previous quake's, wich were all about taking control of the map and keeping it. And it gets worse the more people are playing on a server. Have you ever seen a top level 4v4 lan game in quake3? It's just a total mg cess fest. Compare that with the beauty of quake2, wich has people being able to hold and defend area's without dying for 20 minutes! Getting resupplied by their teammates who drop weapons and ammo for them etc.

Quake 3 is a very pale and poor imitation of quake 2.


Good opinions, but quake 3 is fun because of the aim. :p


Quake 3 is the best Quake, at least for me.

Couse of the aim, that what makes fun.
You gotte be good to be good :)


Exactly my point. :p


I played Quake 2 on Playstation so I suppose it is not same as on computer but I played Quake 3 on comp and i must say it is very dynamic game, very fast. i like it and even it is not good as a quake 2 it is still very good.




i prefer q3 as a 1v1 game


play qw if you need speed


Quake 3 is the best game in the world, I personally think it was the game that made online gaming and today is still one of the best fps!



Most of the kids that state Q3 is the ones who started their gaming sometime after y2k.. yawn.

I still think Q2 is a superb game! The movement is more crucial then in Q3. And those who say Q2 is slower then Q3 haven't played Q2, or if they have, they must have sucked ass.

Give me new(FUN) maps and balance the weapons a bit and I will start playing again. And yea, I play q3...


Q3 ofc ;DDD


only played q3 and 4,but i guess q3 is better than 2


Imo q2 is the best quake. Have played q2 since 2001 and still playing.


Q3 best !! and best mod are FreezeRail & Defrag :]


Q3 is way better than Q2 :)


Quake 3 was addicting, fun and awesome :)


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