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Who plays this game?

Who still plays this game? :D


oh, thnx 4 the link..


me :D great game but no one ever plays it anymore :( on the old SK site I actually made a thread asking if anyone wanted to play this with OSP and got quite a few replies




i play this game simply cause my PCs too weak for anotha action games.


Many players. Of course that's nothing compared to "pro-gaming" titles but it nice that still you can play without any problems.

This/next week grand final of the most prestigious duel league ( should be played (though I think that 3rd place match will be much more interesting to watch). There will be GTV and English shoutcast for sure.


Well yes!
Actually a LOT of ppl still play the game, is hosting its 10th season of Euroq2l TDM competion and some EDL comp's if im not mistaken.
So the scene is kind of big:D


I played earlier)


i play it from time 2 time, but only the singel player part :P


i play sometimes with freinds in school


I'd like to start again, but I got massive PL on this crap connection.


I play q2 sometimes with friends just for fun. And fun it is:D


i play sometimes


q2 is a classic @ Porn King's


Do you really think there's a lot of Q2 players _here_? Im impressed there more then me..


So many memories with this game... join my "Q2" group if you want.


Actualy there still is brety nice scene :)


I still play in the online leagues/tournaments :) is the portal of q2.


I think that Quake II is classic example , like CS, but Quake III is upset me =(


now nobody I think :D


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