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How much do you play HoN?

I've been given a school assignment and in order to do it, I need two numerous statistics. The different statistics were free to choose from and so I thought it'd be fun to do something related to HoN since that is where most of my own time gets spent.

I'm now both begging and asking at the same time for everyone to post a comment on how much they play both HoN and ANY other game on an average daily basis. For example; I play HoN on an average ~8.6 hours a day and other games ~0.6 hours a day (I've added the time I play on every day of the week and then divided it by 7).

I need atleast 30 of these two numbers, ONE number of how much HoN you play per day and ONE number of how much you play ANY other game than HoN (per day).

It's not needed to say what other game it is but it doesn't hurt by any means if you do so

So please help me out with this, it'll only take five minutes at the most.

I'll try to post the results if it's possible and if I figure out how.

It'd be so cool if you guys could help me out with this one!

Thanks for taking your time to read this and hopefully leave a comment on how much you play HoN and how much you play any other game than HoN.


I've been playing HoN since December 2010, and when I play HoN i play i usually play for around 4-6hours.


I've used to play it 5 hours per day. But I quit HoN a year ago. It became shit out of game.


i play HoN 7 hours per day :)


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