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SK Gaming Academy - We need you. (c) SK Delpañ


(Iv'e been trying to email Delpañ but the email adress isn't working)
My name is Charlie and i saw you're post on the league of legends forum and i'm intressted. Myself have been watching SK stream quiet alot, i was hoping you could give me a chance to show myself.

Information about me:

•In-game Name: CG SchAyed ( CG aka Compact Gaming is a tag with my friends wich is not active for quiet awhile )
•Current elo: 2014
•Top elo: 2014
•Country: Belgium
•Age: 21
•Main role: AD carry
•About the stream; i've been streaming allready to test it out but i have a fps ingame that i'm not used to play with, for this i'm buying ACER PREDATOR G7760 CRUSHER PC wich i will have soon.

I wish that my Top elo, streaming and clantag doesnt effect my chance for proving my AD carry's to you.

Hope to meet you soon,



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